America: At war or at the mall?

Yesterday I posted on this picture:

It reads:

America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war; America is at the mall.

I had been forwarded the pic without any source, but I’ve since learned that it was in the Kansas City Star and is a Getty Images photo taken by John Moore. One Marine’ s View also noted it. According to the Star, it was taken at a Marine Civil Affairs office in Ramadi in January.

Mitch Lewis has a great post on how the members of the military look at such things and how American citizens need to stay focused in what is going to be a Long War:

We cannot make decisions about this war based on fatigue, anxiety or self-interest. The stakes are too high for that. If the news is disturbing, don’t look at it until you can read it with your head instead of your gut. Eventually, find the courage to read beyond the –if it bleeds it leads” headlines. Choose to base your thinking on your intellect and will instead of on your weariness or fear. Choose to look beyond your own needs to the needs our nation and our world. As a nation, choose whatever strategy or course of action you think best achieves the greatest good and the members of the armed forces will execute it.

Be courageous; the members of the armed forces that serve you are more courageous still. You cannot ask too much from them. They will march through hell if you are behind them.

Go read.