MilBlog Conference AAR, pt. 1

Time constraints have kept me from doing much MilBlog Conference blogging, and for that Murdoc should be flogged.

It was a great time and passed in a flash. Things started with a bang on Friday evening at the cocktail. Met up with some old friends, including Pinch (and his new wife Lesa), Buckethead, Princess Kat, Bill Roggio, Blackfive, Donovan, Noonan, Blackfive, ArmyWifeToddlerMom, Harold Hutchison, and, of course, Andi.

Of course, there were a lot of others to meet as well, and those I finally was able to meet-n-greet face to face included Noah, Gateway Pundit, Doc in the Box (and his wife Heather), Christian Lowe, Ward Carrol, commenter extraordinaire AW1 Tim, Michael Goldfarb, Eagle1, Lex, Slab, Sgt Hook, Boston Maggie, Mary Ann, Steve Schippert, Steeljaw Scribe, Soldier’s Dad, and Mark Danzinger.

Between the official cocktail, the stop in the bar downstairs, and wherever it was that we all went afterwards, I met a lot more folks than I’ve listed here. As the fog clears and I remember who they were I’ll add them…

The official festivities started off sort of ho-hum. You know how conferences are…everyone is a bit groggy. The coffee runs out. A lot of folks wander in a bit late. No one is really in the mood for much of anything. The President of the United States addresses you. You know. The same old manure.


President Bush (courtesy of Jim Hoft):

First Murdoc was a Time Person of the Year and now the POTUS says he’s doing alright via a taped message.

At this point, about twenty minutes in, the conference was already officially a Major Success. And things were just getting warmed up.


  1. Nice AAR Murdoc! Keep the information flowing. Good to ‘see’ you this past weekend. AS

  2. AS writes ‘see’ because I totally dissed him about ten times. What a jerk Murdoc can be. The President addresses him and right away it’s all delusions of grandeur and everything. I don’t know why people put up with him. I really don’t. It must be the stunning good looks…

  3. That was an amazingly affective way to wake up a bunch of hung over military types. Great post and good meeting you too. I’ll hopefully have pictures up by this weekend.

  4. Murdoc, Yeah, nothing like being named Time’s Man of the Year and then the Prez addressing you and saying thanks, and THEN having a 45 minute conference call with the Adniral in charge of Comms for the Iraqi ops area….. and that’s all before 10am….. It was really nice to meet you and share stories. It was a grand time, and to be honest, except for the coffee service always running low (you’d a thunk they’d figure out the need for joe by mil-types)and the rather steep prices for food and drink at the hotel, I had a ball…. Ran into Sgt Hook at the airport, had a couple beers and talked for an hour or so before he had to rotate out. All in all, worth the money, and I look forward to next year, and hope to be able to help Navy hold onto the Golden Laptop award. More to come… :) Respects,

  5. The conference was a blast, like last year. Maybe next year Murdoc won’t be such a sleepyhead… It was great to meet you, Tim – we should have a Murdoc commenters convention.