MRAP Links

Here are a few recent links concerning the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles:

  • Marine Trains on Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle
    Interesting quote from Cpl. Domenick Distano, a Marine who trains others to operate MRAPs in Ramadi:

    “I was excited when I found out we were coming to Iraq because I really wanted to get it under my belt,” said Distano “When people join the Marine Corps, they are either afraid to go to Iraq or they joined to go. When you go ahead and come, you feel like you are setting the example and maybe those people who were afraid to go will not be and will follow you. This is not exactly what I thought it would be. There is nothing really happening like you hear. Marines want to fight, but there really is no fight here. It is pretty quiet.” [emphasis Murdoc’s]

    Remember, this is Ramadi we’re talking about.

  • Doubts About a New Armored Vehicle
    The military is a bunch of idiots because they didn’t have the MRAP sooner. Luckily, they’re also idiots because they are getting the MRAP. Don’t worry, we’ll also soon begin hearing about how troops are wearing too much body armor. Politics pushed this to current levels as much as anything, and the military is pushing back when it’s too much.
  • Corps Asks for MRAP Slowdown
    Like most tools, the MRAP has its place and time. The Marines are suggesting that the MRAP isn’t the answer at all times or in all places.
  • A Primer in MRAP Variants
    Good summary at Defense Tech.
  • Why I Don’t Like MRAPs
    They simply aren’t the silver bullet solution to the IED problem. There isn’t a silver bullet solution to the IED problem. Those that have hoped or expected the new vehicles to suddenly make everything better are bound to be disappointed.

    It’s going to take a wide range of methods to defeat the IED threat, and the IED threat will never be totally eradicated. MRAPs are a part of that range, but to expect that they are the total solution (and to whine when they are not) is crazy.


  1. I still think this program is a backdoor to motorize the Iraqi Army. Donations of vehicles we do not really want at the end of day…