Airmen in Gillie Suits

usaf gillie suits

U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Matt Sleeper and Staff Sgt. Curtis Huffman demonstrate how to use gillie suits to blend into their surroundings while setting up surveillance for insurgent activity at Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq, Nov. 14, 2007. The Airmen are part of a team of close precision engagement snipers from the 506th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron who train to target enemy snipers attacking U.S. and coalition forces in the area. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Angelique Perez, U.S. Air Force.

Again, the best anti-sniper weapon in the world is a marksman with a good rifle.


  1. Stories like these rock my comfy world view. Airmen with guns? airmen with guns in the field? What is the world coming too? What happened to the days that the only airforce lads with guns were those who failed the ASFAB test?

  2. James is right. But at least someone could tell those guys that gillie suits work better if you lay down in the grass while wearing them. The way they are they look like killer crabgrass with guns.

  3. Before everyone gets all excited or anything, remember that it’s very unlikely that these guys are issued more than one round of ammunition…

  4. man it looks just like Call of Duty 4 why does the sniper on the right have an ACOG? also do they clear a section of grass they lay in? seems to me the grass would distort your view im sorry im too gung ho with the M82 on COD4

  5. Ha, ha, ha, Ok, for some background info. As a 25 year veteran of Air Force Security Forces, formerly Security Police, I am going to defend my fellow Airmen. First off, that’s a Hollywood shot, made by a Combat Photog for maximum, macho effect. No sniper worth his salt, or Close Precision Engagement (the Air Force is scared of the word ‘Sniper’) would EVER be standing up, especially when it means he’s sky-lighted. Secondly, we have always been the unsung Air Base Defenders, not even our fellow Air Force brethren know of our complete skill sets. We call ourselves the Air Force’s only true all-weather fighters, and proudly so. Many of our fellow Airmen call us Soldier wannabes, and other less complimentary names, but when the bullets fly, you can bet they know who to call! Just Google ‘Air Force Security Forces’, you will be amazed, surprised, and illuminated. To all my fellow SF Airmen ‘Defensor Fortis!’, Defenders of the Force! Thirdly, the guy with the ACOG is most likely the spotter/observer, the sniper has an M24.

  6. As a day time resident of an Air Force Base, it’s good to know there might actually be some more good guys with guns nearby than I already knew of (base and plant security). Of course, it seems there’s never anyone like that around when a fellow employee goes nuts. One day we had a contract engineer decide that our lead wasn’t a good engineer (just because he was crazy didn’t mean he wasn’t right about that) so he decided not to listen to him any more. He also got pissed off about people tapping his desk as they walked past. He chased one guy down the aisle and took down his name on a sheet of paper. He then made a sign and taped it to his desk next to a half full cup of water. The sign said he ‘may throw water on anyone tapping on his desk’. After half an hour of waiting to see him throw water on someone our fun was ended by security walking off the base. Rumor had it security didn’t take crazy boy’s badge. I didn’t start that rumor. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Another day some guy decides the real problem is that the ladies at the cafeteria are out to get him, and he throws down his tray of food and starts yelling and screaming. I was in a meeting room in that building, sitting near the door and slipped into the cafeteria when I heard the ruckus. I was thinking I was going to have to pull security duty before he stomped off. Security didn’t get there until he was gone. He was a little guy and not much of a threat, but he’d have got a whoopping had he gone after one of those nice women. A few months back I read in the news that some nut drove onto the base and led security in a chase for a while. His girlfriend bailed him out of jail then he turned around and shot her. What is it that draws women to psychos?

  7. These college kids have the right idea. You don’t sign up to lose your second amendment right just because you go to college. You also should similarly not lose your second amendment right because you stepped onto an Air Force base. These should be places where your rights are preserved and honored, not sacrificed at the liberal altar.

    ‘We’re not proposing to arm every student. We’re not proposing that every freshmen get a handbook and a Glock,’ he said. But he said students who are licensed to carry concealed firearms to movie theaters, public parks and other places should be allowed to take them on campus as well. Candace Soya, a 20-year-old student at TSU-San Marcos, said she fears chaotic shootouts. If someone decided to open fire on the tree-lined quad in the middle of her campus, armed students would likely make matters worse, she said. ‘It’s not a situation where you can fight fire with fire,’ Soya said. But advocates pushing for the campus concealed carry right say it’s not just incidents like the one at Virginia Tech that create concern. Campuses in higher-crime urban neighborhoods also pose risks for students, said Michael Flitcraft, a 23-year-old mechanical engineering student at the University of Cincinnati. He argues, like most gun rights advocates, that weapons-free regulations only deter law-abiding students, not thugs or mentally ill shooters. ‘Laws only affect the people who voluntarily abide by them,’ Flitcraft said. – The Kansas City Star

  8. GeekLethal, Of course, as well as the other battlefield airmen career fields of CCT, TACP, EOD, Combat Weather, etc. GOd Bless ’em all!

  9. Im going to back up AFsarge on this. This shot taken was used to hype up our job. As a fellow CPE member, we are the unsung defenders of the air force. Not many know about us. the guy on the right is carrying a M4 with ACOG because he is the spotter/observer. They can switch roles when they need to. We are trained to do both positions. Dont even compare this to COD 4, because a sniper never go alone. The Spotter has the hardest job in the team.