Pirate vs. Pirate

EagleSpeak has the details on Somali pirates holding “tank” ship squabble- 3 die

They’ve got plenty of weaponry aboard. Maybe if we wait long enough, problem will take care of itself?

If not for the hostages, I’d say wait ’em out. With maybe some gunnery practice from the USS Howard twice a day and three times a night. Maybe tow a hulk over within sight and send it to the bottom with gunfire.

I’m wondering what, if any, long-term effect this incident is going to have on high-seas piracy.


  1. I wonder what the insurance ramifications are. Whatever you’re shipping, it can be insured against all sorts of things. Pirates, too?

    And what happens if you’re freight was actually meant for a 3d party that isn’t supposed to get that freight? What then?

    And what if the USN sends all of your precious cargo to the briny deep in trying to to wrest it from pirates? Is that covered under your pirate clause?

  2. I’m having flashbacks to 1803. It’s time to pull a Shores of Tripoli, folks. Start by sinking the freighter.

    If we’re too squeamish for that, we should be sinking the small boats the pirates are using to ferry food & water out to the freighter. Starve ’em off the boat.

    The fact that other organizations are paying ransoms only encourages the pirates.

  3. I thought this was almost humorous at first, but now I’m actually a little pissed.

    The “case law” for this kind of crap was hashed out 250-300 fricken years ago.

    Surveil the little pirate boats back to their ports, then bomb the hell out of the ports and anything nearby.

    A naval bombardment would be most fitting. But any “close enough” cheap and dirty, somewhat indiscriminate tool of the day would do the trick. Carpet bombing from B-52’s? Low IQ Russian “smart” bombs? WWII era mines? All of the above?

  4. IMO – we should get serious and track the “mother” ships. Once discovered they should be boarded, if they resist sink them. If the ship has evidence of piracy – the ship should be sunk.

    There are only a few mother ships – Sink a few and lessen will sink in.

  5. “If not for the hostages, I’d say wait ‘em out.”

    Really? Am I the only one so cold as to say, ‘Treat the situation like the hostages are already dead and go in with guns blazing, or torpedo the thing.’

    In my household, I AM the only one with that position. Even the kids think I’m crazy. I refuse to believe that I’m alone though.

  6. Sounds like we need a “pirates vs. Ninjas” scenario…or in this case, Pirates vs. US Navy SEALs. Send in a SEAL team or two. That ought to take care of the issue with minimal colateral damage.

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