Was in early (60th in my precinct) and got it done.

Even if the shift is as big as some are predicting, Murdoc’s going to need to be convinced that anything has really changed.

UPDATE: Just overheard someone say “It’s not like it really matters anyway. There’s nothing that any politician can do that will affect my life in any way.


  1. Feh.

    We’re better off if people like that DON’T vote!

    But maybe I’m just an optimist….

  2. external efficacy has always been valid for only part of the country, I don’t see why you guys are so surprised

  3. Well, it’s not like it really matters anyway, politicians are a bunch of demagogues completely clueless about economics, the bureaucracy will keep inflating as always and both parties love to run deficits no matter what they say. Is that better? =)

    “If the state is a giant building, the office holders we vote for are merely the facade. We are given buckets of paint to paint this facade red or blue or some combination of the two colors, but this has very little to do with what goes on inside. Our job is to argue and vote over which color we want it to be but never presume to have an influence over its actual affairs.

    If we want to truly understand the state, and not just its appearances and its periodic election frenzies, we need to consider that the modern state is very different from the medieval or ancient state, which were personal states, inseparable from the ruler. Modern states are impersonal entities that have a life apart from their temporary office holders and spokesmen.

    If the Congress, Presidency, and Supreme Court were all put on a slow boat to China, for example, the state would endure and continue as always. Its machinery consists almost entirely in gears and parts that are not subject to referendums and democratic mandates.”

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