Friday Linkzookery – 19 Nov 2010

TSA Confiscates Nail Clippers from Soldiers Carrying Assault Rifles, Pistols, and Machine Guns
Thank God the TSA is protecting us.

Boeing halts 787 test flights after cockpit smoke
Temporary halt to flight testing. Think they’ll deliver the first one in Q1 2011?

Who’s the daddy?
An argument that paternity tests de-power women by taking away their ability deceive people about their baby’s father if they so choose. Must be read to be believed.

N.C. Man Lures Bigfoot with Candy
Has thermal imagery that he says “can’t be anything else.”

US Troops Awarded German Marksmen Medal
US troops earn Schutzenschnur by completing course with German rifle, pistol, and machine gun.

Obama brings back Prohibition
A 13-year-old girl can have an abortion — no questions asked — without her parents permission. But a 21-year-old in college cannot have an adult average that has caffeine in it.

Sunlight Before Signing Updated—With a Graph!
If the President were a little more experienced of a politician, he’d have known never make campaign promises that can be so easily measured and verified.

The Dogs of War Go Airborne in Afghanistan
Title says it all.

New leak exposes MoD fury at defence cutbacks
David Cameron’s defence review has demoralised the Armed Forces, strained relations with allies and ignored significant military advice, a leaked Ministry of Defence document has disclosed.

Gadsden Flag License Plates: A Nationwide Movement?
More and more options becoming available.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Stolen at Gunpoint
Took a hundred copies before release day.


  1. Re schutzenschnur: there’s a little more to it than “…to…successfully fire the standard German service rifle, pistol and machine gun”, per the caption.

    I successfully fired the rifle and mg, but only successfully gave myself a nice welt under my eye with the G3 and successfully blazed though all my mg ammo before I knew what had happened.

    Really nice targets btw. Like big painted landscapes.

    1. Figured it was more than just “successfully fired” blah blah blah so I put “completed the course” to avoid looking like a 100% idiot. (Anything over 70% idiot starts to bother me…)

      1. I remember being really surprised by the ROF of the mg. We trained to fire 3-5 second bursts with a ’60. I did that with the German mg and blazed through half the ammo.

        Some familiarity training might have been nice before I showed up on the qual range, but it was a last minute thing.

        Anyway, isn’t it a kickass-looking award?

  2. But a 21-year-old in college cannot have an adult average that has caffeine in it.

    Did you mean to write “an adult beverage”?

    1. That’s not Murdoc’s spelling error.

      Though, I wish Murdoc would do dig deeper than some other blogger’s spelling-challenged ranting.

      …maybe if the blogger had spent some time in college he would have learned to spell AND the reasons for why caffeine enhanced alcoholic beverages are a bad idea.

      1. In my defense, um, well, I have no defense. I’ll totally admit that I did not catch that error at all.

        FWIW, I’m not terribly interested in government regulation of 99.99% of “bad ideas.” If caffeine+alcohol beverages are one of the 00.01% of things that are truly terrible enough to warrant government regulation, I will support it. My limited knowledge of the effects don’t incline me to think that’s the case, though.

        1. I am not sure if ‘Federal’ regulations are needed or even part of the picture; local regulations esp near college campuses are likely enough.

          Also, the linked blogger seemed more interesteed in anti-Obama polemics than facts.

  3. GeekLethal,

    My (15-year old) daughter “qualified2 on the MP-40 at a range in Arizona.

    She was proud as punch when the range officer congratulated her………

    An all I got was a lousy T-Shirt!

    1. That’s pretty neat, I must say.

      But I wonder what the qualification criteria are… did someone dust off the ancient Wehrmacht qual standards? I mean, did the targets have pictures of Russian infantrymen on them or something?

  4. I liked the Dogs of War-in the Stan article, I see from the photo the dog/s aren’t so well trained their handler trusts them during HALO enoguh to NOT put a muzzle on them. Even dogs are smart enough to resist jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft! LOL!

  5. The link about the “feminist” lamenting DNA paternity tests makes me think, no one can be that openly and honestly immoral in the name of an ideological pursuit. She must be trolling for controversy with her column to get more publicity. But then I remember how completely relative morality is to the modern left, and I’m not so sure.

    1. I agree it seems unbelievable. But I’ve found a lot of things people proclaim to be their political ideology to strain or exceed believability. On both sides, to be honest, though I’m biased/inclined to see most extreme Left ideas to be a lot weirder than most extreme Right ideas.

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