What? Gas Prices are Up?

Thanks to Obama, Gas Jumps in a Flash

Obama had been president-elect for all of five days when he announced his intention to rescind Bush’s order [lifting a ban on offshore drilling]. Oil prices started going up again in January of 2009 and steadily increasing ever since. Obama Energy Secretary Ken Salazar announced a highly restrictive offshore leasing policy last December, and the Bush executive order was officially reversed on February 8, 2011.

All of this “blame high gas prices on Obama’s ban on drilling” is ignoring all the work his administration has done with the economy and the strength of the dollar.


  1. Obama and his gang of Socialists have done more in 2-years to destroy the American dream than the Russians did during the entire cold war….1950 to 1989!

    Thanks to: “Vote for Barack cause he’s one of us and when he’s president we won’t have to pay our mortages or pay to fill the gas tank” Community!

  2. The Obama experiment is just proof of what happens when the idiots show up to vote.

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