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Afghan pilot shoots, kills 5 Americans

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, but Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi said the gunman was an Afghan military pilot who “opened fire on foreigners after an argument.”

A Taliban spokesman claimed the shooter was someone impersonating a pilot. The Afghan Air Force says he was a 20-year vet.

They could both be right, you know.


  1. It’s long past time to leave Afghanistan. The mission to eliminate the AQ safe havens and capture or kill bin laden is either done, or as done as we are ever going to get. We’ve established the precedent that we can and will bomb the hell out of any camps or facilities used to aid AQ.

    But trying to social engineer that society is a waste of resources and lives. It’s beyond time now to pull out.

  2. continued….We’d do better strategically to tighten up our immigration policy and stop importing Somali and other muslims, than wasting our blood and treasure in Afghanistan.

  3. It’s up to 9 KIA’s now.


    *****1-American civilian contractor.

    It’s time to pull up the tent pegs and leave the Goat-F**kers to their sand fleas!

  4. You gents will get no arugument from me. I was very committed to our efforts there until I got about 3-4 months into my ’06/’07 tour. It was vividly obvious the centuries old social and religious problems of this wasteland, and our brilliant strategy of strapping our coalition cart to the venal, world class corrupt, and ineffective Karzai horse………….had doomed us to failure.

    Our (coalition) ANP training program had been running for about 3 to 4 years when I showed up. I can honesly say of the hundreds/thousands of ANP I came into contact with, I saw maybe 20 who had anything on the ball, weren’t Taliban sympathisers, criminals in partial uniforms, drug addicts, or retards (literally).

    At one training location, the site’s firing range was about a quarter mile outside the compound, with 15ft berms on three sides of it. There were always at least 2 of us security guys on duty. One watched the range entrance, usually standing in the bed of one of our armored F250s with an M 240 or 249 pointed at the entrance in case of unwanted visitors. The other had standing unwritten instructions to closley watch the recruits while they were on the firing line, and if any of them turned towards us (insructors, security, visiting Admin types or VIPS) we were to shoot them. THAT was a real eye opener.

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