Friday Linkzookery – 10 Jun 2011

Justice Officials in ‘Panic Mode’ as Hearing Nears on Failed Anti-Gun Trafficking Program
They’d better be, if even half of what we’ve heard is true. Murdoc’s guessing we haven’t heard even half of it, though.

Revisiting Unemployment Predictions
It’s almost like politicians don’t have a freaking clue. And lie. Or both.

China surpasses US as top energy consumer
China accounted for 20.3% of global demand in 2010 vs. 19% for US

Up To 8-Foot Long, 160-Pound Mountain Lion On The Loose In Greenwich, Conn.

Custody Battle Leads to Facebook Double-Sting
The big story about how a wife used Facebook to trick her husband into admitting he wanted her killed was, in fact, a scheme by the husband to trick his wife into incriminating herself. He knew she was messing with him and busted her doing so.

U.S. Plans Private Guard Force for Iraq
State Department Prepares to Hire 5,100-Strong Security Detail and Take Over Military Hardware for After Army Leaves

Again, the US wants Argentina and Great Britain to enter into negotiations over Falklands???
Another slap in the face for Britain: the Obama administration sides with Argentina and Venezuela in OAS declaration on the Falklands, and is not the first time

What a difference a gun makes
If Murdoc had a magic wand that would make all guns disappear forever, he’d snap it in half.

Danish Planes in Libya Running Out of Bombs
Asking the Netherlands to help replenish their stock.

Lockheed: Eglin to receive first F-35 in ‘days’
Six F-35 aircraft are scheduled for delivery by the end of the fiscal year

3-star SEAL’s Osprey targeted in jailbreak
Two detainees escaped from a detention facility on a Marine base in Afghanistan, then used a grenade launcher to target an MV-22 Osprey about to take off with a three-star Navy SEAL on board. It was last summer and the facility was Afghan-run. Two contractors, one of the killed in the ensuing fight, are credited with opening fire on the escapees and preventing them from firing on the V-22.

Boeing proposing P-8-based replacement for JSTARS
737-based design to replace 707-based civilian conversions currently in use.

NATO Nearing ‘Decisive Blow’ In Afghan War: Gates
Gates’ farewell remarks reflected his view that a troop surge in the nine-year war has begun to bear fruit and that a withdrawal, set to start in July, should proceed at a cautious pace.

Marines struggle to convince Afghans that they won’t abandon them
Trying to win hearts and minds while the politicians try to speed up the withdrawal timetable.

India to buy 10 C-17s
Keep that line runnin’! Biggest defense deal ever between the US and India.

What hard drives used to look like
5 Mb weighed 1 ton and had to be loaded with a forklift. That’s how it was in 1956 and also in the Traveller RPG.

Biogas Comes to Afghanistan
Thanks to a Gurkha Soldier, biogas has come to Afghanistan.

We should share aircraft carrier, say French
Proposal to share one carrier with the Brits to train both fleets’ crews.

Revised U.S. Fleet Plan Extends Some Ships to 70 Years
But even our Navy is starting look like a bit of a joke.

CAA Three Window Magazine
Indicator to show full, windows to see when down to 19 and 11 rounds. Ploymer.


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  2. Gotta laugh at the ATF gun smuggling sting gone wrong story. Oh, wait…………it’s not funny. A tax payer funded federal agency and employees deliberately used legitimate American owned businesses to assist criminals in a death dealing criminal enterprise. Stings are cool and successful when you lure the bad guys into a tightly controlled environment, allow them to do their criminal thing on film…………then bust them. Game over.
    A sting is not a complicated cross border op, into another country where many, if not most, of your foreign counterparts are suspected of being in league with the criminals. Nor, does it take a genius to figure out that once the weapons are in the Mexican hinterlands and criminal controlled urban areas, there’s a profoundly high chance the weapons will be used to maim and kill others BEFORE recovery of the weapons and arrest of the criminals can be affected! DUH!!!!!
    I can only conclude there were elements in the ATF that felt it was time to build on their stunning success stories of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Congressional Hearings?? Looks to me; more like we investigation (and prosecutions if warranted) into what certainly looks like egregious dereliction of duty, and conduct unbecoming, if not criminal malfeasance by a number of ATF Officials.
    I’m surprised the brains behind this abortion of a crime busting op, didn’t work it from the Mexican end too. You know…….facilitate the dopers smuggling their dope across the border into the US. Now, THAT would have been a success to throw on your resume! ******* morons!!!

    1. Here’s something cool I figured out when looking at your comment:

      Gotta laugh at the [insert government program here] gone wrong story. Oh, wait…………it’s not funny.

      It’s a multi-functional statement of our times. Probably of all times.

    2. Disband the ATF. Fold any legitimate job they might have had into the FBI. Can you imagine if there were an agency called the Alcohol Tobacco and Speech agency and one of their jobs were to “regulate” speech and prosecute violators? They were originally a revenue collection agency, and now they are another wanna be para-military bunch of douche bags. They don’t need to exist.

  3. The UK announced today that they would like the USA and Mexico to enter into negotiations over California, Texas and other lands obtained in 1848. The Foreign Minister stated he would like to see the lands of New Spain reunited under Mexican rule, and hoped the USA would do the honorable thing and stop building settlements and maintaining a border. The US Secretary of State responded that the border is no longer enforced. But the British remain adamant that actual control must be passed to Mexico.

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