Friday Linkzookery – 08 Jul 2011

American Boots on Ground in Somalia
Murdoc has no issues with the operations in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and other similar spots. It would be a great victory if we could (honestly) get Afghanistan ops to a similar level. FWIW, Murdoc doesn’t really think counting such operations as “wars” makes a whole lot of sense.

Wreck Diving the Mysterious Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon [33 PICS]
A photo-filled National Geographic story on the wrecks of Truk I read as a kid is probably part of what got Murdoc interested in ships and naval history.

Battleship hull repairs begin
North Carolina getting some long overdue repairs.

The Five Best Inventions of the Founding Fathers
Benjamin Franklin mentioned twice. Shocking.

President Obama Apologizes to Family of Fallen Soldier
Claimed in a speech to have given the MOH to a living soldier…but the soldier was dead when it was awarded.

War Dog Memorials 7: Hartsdale, New York
Wow. Murdoc had no idea such a thing existed. Well deserved.

Last Vietnam Era Draftee Finally Retires
Served for 39 years.

Real U.S. Stealth-Tech Advantage: Its Assembly Lines
Sure, the Chinese and Rooskies have unveiled stealthy fighters. But can they actually produce them?

The Facts About Fracking
The real risks of the shale gas revolution, and how to manage them.

Is Ethanol a Solution, or a Problem?
Letters in response to The Great Corn Con in the NYT. Murdoc can’t figure out if he’s skeptically optimistic or cautiously skeptical about the whole thing.

Huge Rare Earth Deposits Found in Pacific
In sea mud extracted from depths of 3,500 to 6,000 metres (11,500-20,000 ft) below the ocean surface at 78 locations.

George Lucas gets his midichlorians in an uproar over Greenpeace
George Lucas’s concern about protecting his copyright overrides his concern about offending treehuggers. Is he just being a big Jabba? Is this yet another sign that the global-warming fad is over? Both?

Roy Thomas Saved Marvel
Speaking of George Lucas, the STAR WARS adaptations were apparently a big part of getting Marvel Comics back on track in the 70s.

Girl, 12, kills herself to donate organs to family
But she is cremated before family finds suicide note detailing her wishes

‘Man-Gagement’ Ring Trend Booming
I’m sorry. That’s stupid.


    1. Murdoc remains heavily in favor of that.

      With all this money being spent on the Dept of Homeland Security, it would be nice to see at least some of it going to secure the homeland…

  1. “How about boots on the ground in AZ, TX, NM, and CA?”

    It may be just a tad too late, 11 Bravo.

    More like cargadores en la tierra.

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