Flag Day

Murdoc is making an unscheduled drydock stop for repairs but that doesn’t mean it’s not June 14th.

Dawn at the Ingalls Homestead, South Dakota. Taken in 2006 by Mrs. Murdoc.

Dawn at the Ingalls Homestead, South Dakota. Taken in 2006 by Mrs. Murdoc.

It was a cold, windy September morning when the photo used to make this image was taken. I was sipping coffee and trying to keep our little fire going in the wind, warming up after a crazy thunderstorm-filled night in a tent. Maybe it was the fun we had on that trip to South Dakota, maybe it was the fact that we were out right where the Ingalls had lived, maybe it was simply the beauty of the morning. Whatever the reason, this flag image continues to be one of Murdoc’s favorites.


  1. MO, after viewing your blog for a couple of years, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are more partial to the Navy and USMC, then to the Army and AF. This is the second year in a row you have failed to mention the Army’s birthday. Though you always seem to remember the Marines in November.

    You also seem to reflect on Midway each June rather than Normandy. I can actually appreciate that because too few people know anything about Midway. But it does lead me to believe that you are more centered around the folks within the Department of the Navy than elsewhere at the Pentagon.

    Did you have relatives in the Navy/USMC? I grew up favoring the Army/AF world because I was more fascinated with the European theater and the Nazis than I was the Japanese.

    Anyways, this is not meant as a bitch or gripe, but rather an observation.

    1. Guilty as charged, I guess. It’s not intentional.

      I do happen to have a large number of friends/family/co-workers in or formerly in the USMC. I do know that the Marines’ birthday thing is due to one particular guy always reminding me and the fact that the Marines seem to make a huge deal out of it every year. The Army is a lot more low-key about that sort of thing most of the time, I think.

      As for the Navy thing, my early interest in military history, technology, and news was all Navy all the time, and the battle of Midway was my favorite as a kid. So I am totally biased, there.

      I will say that in the Midway-Normandy “competition,” D-Day always wins at home. My family is (luckily for them though they don’t see it that way) “treated” to repeated viewings of THE LONGEST DAY, BAND OF BROTHERS, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, and related documentaries.

      The Stryker and the XM8 were two of the biggest topics on the site for years, but the newsworthiness of them has fallen significantly.

      Any slight toward one service or another is unintentional, though you’ve called me on it before (I think it was you) and I do mean to do a better job.

      FWIW there don’t usually seem to be as many cool photos to post of Army land warfare stuff as often as from the others.

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