How To Blog

Murdoc has been asked several times over the past couple of weeks how he started his site(s), how he grew them into something that people paid to advertise on, and how he used them to get paid gigs writing for other sites and print magazines.

But rather than bore everyone about how topics like the XM8 rifle, journalist Steven Vincent, Hurricane Katrina, and the general madcap goodness known as Linkzookery launched a legendary blogging career, I’ll just point you wannabees to Advice for a Young Blogger: How to get a million or less hits on your blog over some unspecified period of time, maybe.

Very good, basic points. Sure, it not everyone who follows them will reach even the level of internationally acclaimed success that Murdoc Online and have achieved, but NOT following them is a good way to reach the plug-pulling level of success that hit.

Via Instapundit.