Who needs a border fence?

Could the manipulation of the economy into a pit of despair really be an under-the-radar way of addressing the illegal immigration problem?

Illegal Immigration From Mexico At Lowest Level In Nearly 60 Years

I’ve joked about this from time to time, but it ain’t all that funny. Once in conversation I noted that it was similar to cutting down on the burglary problem by burning down all the houses.

Also note that, even with the six-decade low, about 100,000 illegals are estimated to have crossed the border last year. So while the situation might be “better,” it sure isn’t “good.”

The article notes that declining Mexican birth rates are also likely having an impact on the number of fence jumpers.

Via Glenn Reynolds, who writes

Heck, with what Obama’s been doing for the employment situation, soon Americans will be sneaking into Mexico in search of work . . . .

But still…let’s build a big fence.


  1. Canada is starting to look rather appealing. Their conservative government seems to have their economy humming, they aren’t afraid of drilling for oil and gas, and they haven’t gone broke on failed stimulus spending.

    If the fix their guns laws, I’ll be sneeking north.

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