Speaking of Not Securing the Homeland…

TSA Agent Caught With Passenger’s iPad in His Pants; Allegedly Took $50,000 in Other Goods, Cops Say

The Broward Sheriff’s Office says 30-year-old Nelson Santiago stole around $50,000 worth of electronics over the past six months from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport’s Terminal 1.

Santiago — a TSA officer since 2009 — was caught earlier this week by a Continental Airlines employee taking an iPad out of someone’s luggage and stuffing it into his pants, the cops say.

Via Say Uncle.


  1. I am shocked………….shocked I say. It is one or the other…………..The drones can either grab my wang…………..or they can have my cellphone……….what would we do with out them????

  2. That’s pretty crazy because I think I saw him when I flew out of FTL a couple of months back to Las Vegas. I never leave any personal items in the bags that I check and even the carry-ons. That’s another bad rap though for the TSA since they are already fighting all this back-lash on their screening tactics.

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