School System Misuse of Power? Really?

In Lawrence, Michigan, the school district’s telephone alert system, intended to alert residents of snow days, school lock-downs, and other high-priority school-related business, was used to robocall people and encourage them to sign the recall-Governor-Snyder petition. Lawrence is just a few miles down the road from where Murdoc’s in-laws live.

“It will never happen again” Lawrence Public Schools Superintendent John Overley told Capitol Confidential today, referring to the alert that went out about the Snyder recall. “It will not be done again, ever.”

Capitol Confidential asked Overley if the use of the alert in connection with the recall had been a mistake.

“Yes, a big mistake,” Overley responded.

Capitol Confidential asked Overley if the situation involving the alert had been brought before the district’s school board.

“No, we haven’t done that, but the school board members know about it,” Overley said. “My understanding was that this was to be more informational than it turned out.”

Capitol Confidential asked Overley if that meant he had known ahead of time that something concerning the recall was going to be sent out.

“We’re not going to ever let this happen again,” Overley asserted.

Nope. No dodging of questions there.

Whenever someone asks Murdoc why he’s not afraid that the huge changes being pushed by Governor Snyder are too much too quickly, he just replies that, judging by the unhinged response from the Michigan Education Assossiation (MEA), it has to be the right thing to do.

These people cannot be trusted with money, public property, or authority of any sort. So why do so many people trust them with their children?

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  1. Basically, the people have no choice in the matter. School officials unfortunately tend heavily towards brain dead leftist democrat leanings, so there is not much to choose from when one votes for the school boards and NEA or state equivalents. That is also why most of your kids are dumber than stumps. Look at the teachers, their unions, and the education associations.

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