Friday Linkzookery – 22 Jul 2011

Lawmakers denounce plan to retire six B-1Bs
Want to save money and cannibalize parts for other 60 in the fleet. B-1s have flown 72% of the bomber missions in Afghanistan and Iraq since 9/11.

U.S. Looks at New Ways to Supply Troops in Afghanistan
Reducing the footprint would also help the supply situation. Just saying.

Marine pilots recount daring rescue mission
Dozens of Marines, two CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters, two Ospreys, two Harriers and a KC-130J tanker were involved in the TRAP mission, which remains one of the highest profile incidents in the U.N.-backed military intervention in the Libyan civil war.

U.S. Navy’s Latest LCS Named ‘Little Rock’
LCS 9 will be the 5th Freedom-class ship.

Surprise plan would transfer MC-12s to Army
Would replace the Army’s planned Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance Surveillance Systems aircraft (EMARSS) if it goes through.

Obama OKs Medal of Honor for living Marine
Dakota Meyer, a former corporal, will be honored for his heroics in Ganjgal, Afghanistan, in September 2009

U.S. Missiles Missed Awlaki By Inches In Yemen
Just days after the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, the U.S. came within inches of taking out the next big target on their terror hit list

USAF’s Bomber Will Be One Aircraft, Not Many
Looks like it will be a multi-mission jack-of-all-trades to save money and allow large numbers to be bought. Which probably means shoehorning every possible mission into one design will cause it to go way over budget, way over schedule, and perform way under expectations. And those developments will cause the program to be cut short.

Carbon monoxide suspected in F-22 grounding
The prolonged grounding of the Air Force’s F-22 Raptor fleet may be due to carbon monoxide entering the cockpit via the aircraft’s oxygen system

Fire Scout Reliability Improves on Deployment
Trying to keep the unmanned helicopter program on track despite a rough start.

3 frigates, amphib to leave fleet in 2012
Frigates Boone, Stephen W. Groves and John L. Hall will be sold to foreign militaries when they are decommissioned and amphibious transport dock Ponce will be retired. But hey, there are some LCSes on order.

Thank-You Sale at Gadsden & Culpeper
15% or more off plus a free T-shirt on orders of $30 or more of Don’t Tread on Me gear. Murdoc likes this one.

British Army to shrink to smallest size since Boer war
Will increase the role of their reserves.

Asteroid Arrival! Dawn Spacecraft Slips Into Orbit Around Vesta
First probe ever to enter orbit around an object in the main asteroid belt.

The Loch Ness Monster of Alaska?
“Cadborosaurus willsi,” which means “reptile” or “lizard” from Cadboro Bay, British Columbia, where it was originally spotted centuries ago.

2000: ‘Snowfalls Are Now Just a Thing of the Past’
2011: Motorists Urged to Prepare as Forecaster Predicts the Worst Winter on Record

ISSC-Austria Desert Tan ISSC MSR MK22 Now Shipping
Desert Tan model of the .22 SCAR looks sharp.

Star Trek And The Legion of Superheroes Team Up
Original Series STAR TREK crew to encounter “Great Darkness”-era Legionaries. The best of both worlds.


  1. Man, reading around on Information Dissemination and all the inevitable budget cuts coming up, the Navy is really screwed on fleet size. The whole point of the LCS was to be cheap and numerous, and they managed to screw that up. The dollars for ship production are going to be cut even further, so between the ever escalating cost of ships and the declining budgets, I just don’t see how we can maintain fleet size. The Generals and Admirals keep thinking grand and transformative, whereas I think we need to be thinking available and economical. Same with the Air Force bomber.

  2. The British Army downsizing is similar to your previous post about downsizing ours. The Western nations have become unsustainable financially and this is just reality catching up. Right now it appears the future belongs to the East. The Chinese and Koreans are looking pretty good and India will probably rise too, though I don’t think she will be close to China.

    In 3 years we will reach the 100th anniversary of the start of The Great War. Just think how much the West has pissed away over the past 100 years. Too bad America did not stay out of that one. It might have prevented or forestalled the wholesale collapse of the Western world.

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