Sorry, too violent

ACE points out this:


Sorry. It won’t work. Sure, we’re currently using divisions of mechanized infantry, Marines, Rangers, Special Forces, submarine-launched cruise missiles, and Airborne forces. The strength of this combined force seems appropriate. But to throw professional ice hockey players into the mix would smack of overkill, no?

Why don’t we just carpet bomb central Iraq instead? I mean, dropping Todd Bertuzzi, Claude Lemieux, and Willie Plett into Iraq would completely upset the fragile balance currently being established. Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and even Iran would all be overwhelmed by millions of refugees within days. US military forces would be called on to provide protection, but we’re already stretched so thin.

And then in two years we’ll all be hearing about how the Bush administration ignored the high-sticking threat and Richard Clarke’s dire warnings of international cross-checking. Spare us, please!