Clarke, schmarke

Richard Clarke said on Meet the Press that he thinks his emails would have been protected under some privacy law. He’s such a victim.

Did he really think that, though? Has he been paying attention to anything? He’s not a dumb person, despite some appearances to the contrary, so I guess this statement will just have to be chalked up to more grandstanding on his part.

Now he’s showing copies of a report he wrote. I’m sorry. He really looks like he’s on QVC selling, well, books or something.

Now Russert is holding up Clarke’s book and tossing Clarke softballs. The little logo in the corner says Meet the Press. Watching this show makes me wonder why anyone complains about FoxNews’ supposed “bias.”

He’s playing the martyr part to the hilt. He claims he’s the target of character assassination. I believe that he’s the target of credibility assassination, and from what I’ve seen the charges hold at least some water.

He mentions the contents of his book several times. He quotes a few snippets of his writing. He says “As I described in the book…” several times. This looks more like an appearance on Letterman to promote a book than an appearance on a weekly news show to discuss matters of national security.

And NBC is playing along. I guess it’s more like Leno than Letterman.

I started watching Meet the Press to have a counterpunch to FoxNews Sunday. Given other experiences over the past couple of months, I think it’s time to deep six Meet the Press and try another network. Suggestions?

UPDATE: This post isn’t addressing the questions raised either by or about Clarke. I’m only commenting on Meet the Press forum.