The Demands

Incidentally, Murdoc suspects that the list of thirteen demands on was put up by those attempting to undermine the efforts of the occupiers.

Seriously, they seem to have been written by a second-grader.\

We want free stuff! We want more money! We want more of what other people have! And if we can’t get it, we’ll have a hissy fit right here in front of everyone!

Lots of college kids skipping class to demand free college. Brilliant.


      1. I mean the kids, the banks, and especially the federal government that has used my money to encourage all those bad decisions. The pressure on banks to loan to unqualified lenders for overpriced real estate – and the government backed student loans for over overpriced worthless degrees.

        Leave me and my tax-dollars out of all of it. Stop trying to fix everything with my money.

  1. The whole wall street protest thing reminds me only of this:

  2. “Lots of college kids skipping class to demand free college. Brilliant.”

    I always marvelled at the protest du jour when I was in school, particularly the most disruptive ones. It seemed like, “We hate (this element of education) so we’re beating drums and making noise so you can’t have education either!”

    The guys in grad school, who were the biggest whiners, made the least sense to me. If you’re so upset at the paltry wage you’re making as a TA, then complete your program, get a proper job, and stfu.

    Or if the faculty treats you so poorly, well leave. Finish somewhere else or drop out, then follow the above instructions.

  3. I second Bram’s emotion!

    Having lived through the 1960’s hippie demonstrations as both a law enforcement officer and a Marine reservist you can imagine how I feel about these A&&holes.

    Actually, thinking about it, the 60’s brats had more character.

  4. What they actually think via Forbes:
    well…a non-scientific 50 person sample.
    “There has been a lot said about the lack of vision, lack of specific demands, and a disparity of beliefs and goals among the Occupy Wall Street protesters in the media in the past several weeks. A survey of the protestors shows that none of these criticisms are true”
    -David Maris

    I hope this is useful.

    1. TinyURL didn’t work, but I found it at

      I find it humorous that someone is trying to convince people that there aren’t a wide range of ideas and opinions about “what they actually think” when I’ve already linked to several different opinions and many others exist. Almost everyone interviewed seems to have at least some differences (well, maybe not the college kids who want their college loans erased) so finding one or two who claims that there’s no difference of opinion is pretty silly.

      Surveying a few people and then claiming “none of these claims are true” is pretty dumb.

      For what it’s worth, the top 5 items on the list, all of which had 80% or better support in this guy’s survey, I personall find to be offensive ideas.

      And then there’s the jackassery of 93% thinking that cell phones and internet access are a right and that they should be supplied for free to everyone.

      Seriously, this is some stupid shit. If it’s not a bunch of whining crybabies who want me to pay for the stuff they want because they refuse to work for it, I don’t know what it is.

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