More on that Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial last night which was so good that Murdoc refused to watch any more Super Bowl commercials.

At first Murdoc was “Wow! That’s Clint Eastwood!”

Then Murdoc was “Oh, my God…I think this is one of those Detroit Chrysler commercials.”

Looking online after the fact, Murdoc sees that there was a lot of talk about this beforehand. He wishes that he would have seen some of this so he would have been prepared.

But seeing Eastwood up there being a huckster for that crap was sure disheartening.

Murdoc doesn’t know why these “Detroit rocks” commercials drive him so nuts. But they do. I see firsthand a lot of what these celebrity spokesmen like Eastwood and Eminem are talking about, and the reality ain’t pretty.

(Aside: Who would would have ever thought we’d see “Eastwood and Eminem” in print?)

Halftime America! Clint Eastwood Makes It All Better! Ugh.:

So, bringing in the city of Detroit as some city on the ‘comeback’ after being knocked down, and blah blah blah, was a bit disingenuous as it fails to mention they knocked themselves out. Detroit and the American car industry would not have made it to ‘half-time’ if it wasn’t for the Bail-Out ™. They were carried by the taxpayer to half-time, beaten and bruised by building inferior products, bloated management and union mismanagement and over-the-rainbow promises to it’s retiring workforce.

Exactly. Especially the “blah blah blah” part. (via Instapundit)

I know that Eastwood has long been a solid Conservative in an environment where being open about being such a thing is usually fatal. And I know that this is just a commercial. And, for what it’s worth, I DO hope Detroit and the American automakers get their crap together. But this commercial is a crock, and it’s disappointing to see Clint Eastwood starring in it.

Actually, it’s more “disheartening” to me than “disappointing.” A little of the shine just disappeared from so many of those movies and characters that I like so much and, to be honest, have been influential on me in many ways.

I hope I’m just over-reacting and feel better about it tomorrow.


  1. Correction:
    Mr. Eastwood is reputed to a fiscal conservative, social liberal (is that ‘solid’? or gas, liquid, plasma?) ie Libertarian. Anywhoo, the conservative environs of Carmel CA are quite amenable to conservatives. (does he still live there? he was the mayor). And it as the state which elected Reagan governor. so there, chill.

    Re: detroit. It’s troubles should not be regarded as intractable problems, but as opportunities.

    1. It’s a decades old, blocks-worth-of-abandoned-buildings opportunity.

      It is not opportunity if the needed fixes are politically impossible to enact. Detroit is boned.

  2. Clint loves Detroit so much, he lives as far away as possible without leaving the continental U.S.

  3. The problem with Detroit is demographics, but conservatives today are too afraid to bring this up. Instead they complain about all those democrat mayors who instituted all that socialism stuff that made Detroit a hellhole. They don’t or won’t acknowledge that all that bad socialism stuff is practiced in nice little places like Finland and Norway which are some of the most livable places on the planet.

    Unlike Detroit, Finland and Norway suffer from a remarkable lack of diversity, for now, and thus seem to benefit from the nicer sides of socialism. There is no way one can critique Detroit without mentioning the 800 pound gorilla called demographics.

  4. Not only was the commercial a shill for a city destroyed by failed liberal programs, it was filmed in California and New Orleans, you know the New Orleans that Katrina supposedly destroyed.

    My suggestion for a new slogan for the city: “New Orleans: At least we’re NOT Detroit!”


    1. a city destroyed by failed liberal programs…

      What failed liberal programs would those be?

      1. Public sector unions, closed shops, tax and spend programs and housing assistance primarily.

        1. Similar stuff happens in Finland, Norway and Germany, yet they don’t seem anywhere near as bad as Detroit. I wonder what could be different.

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