Friday Linkzookery – 17 Feb 2012

Disaster at Sea: The Story of the USS Truxton and USS Pollux
18 Feb 1942. Check out the photo gallery.

Italy scales back its F-35 order
Will buy 90 instead of 131.

A year after uprising, militias hold sway in Libya

First Re-Winged A-10 Delivered
233 wing sets to be delivered through 2018.

Spangdahlem A-10 squadron to shut down
A-10 squadron in Germany victim of budget cuts.

US intelligence officials offer grim words on Afghanistan
Operational commanders don’t agree.

Lockheed Unveils F-16 Viper Variant
F-16V includes AESA radar and other improvements.

USAF cancels AMRAAM replacement
Pulled the plug on the Next Generation Missile for budgetary reasons. No AMRAAM or HARM replacement is in sight.

Russia, Vietnam to Jointly Manufacture Anti-Ship Missiles
SS-N-25 Switchblades.

Navy announces destroyers to be based in Spain
USS Ross, USS Donald Cook, USS Porter and USS Carney will be forward-deployed to Rota in 2014 and 2015.

Navy plan to move carrier from Va. to Fla. on hold
No money in the budget.

‘If lost, the Falklands would be extremely difficult to re-take’
Andy Smith, CEO of the United Kingdom National Defence Association (UKNDA), argues that current UK force levels on the Falkland Islands are inadequate to defend against a determined invasion

LCS Diplomacy: A New, Old Option When Facing China
New Asiatic Fleet of Littoral Combat Ships?

A red flag for the ‘great green fleet’
It costs a lot to save money.

State Agent Tells Preschooler She Can’t Eat Home-packed Lunch
Because it didn’t meet USDA guidelines. Gave her chicken nuggets (?!?) instead of a turkey an cheese sandwich. The taxpayers of America are funding this stupidity.

Economical Target-1
Low-cost rail-launched ballistic missile target.

Detroit: The Triumph of Progressive Public Policy
In 1950, Detroit was the wealthiest city in America on a per capita income basis. Today, the Census Bureau reports that it is the nation’s 2nd poorest major city, just “edging out” Cleveland.

The Veil War
The Great American Goblin Invasion Novel.


  1. That lunchbox looks very tasty and healthy. hmm

    And if enviro-hippies had their way, there wouldn’t be a Navy…something ‘else’ is going on wrt the biofuel madness there.

  2. Detroit: The Triumph of progressive public policy

    Progressives will complain that this portrait oversimplifies the factors involved in a great city’s decline. Perhaps it does, but with this question in mind: At what point does the weight of evidence and logic make it impossible to avoid concluding that in the case of Detroit, correlation is causation?

    That entire article never once made mention of Detroit’s demographics. To the conservatives who keep pushing this meme that Detroit’s problems are caused by progressive policies, that’s my question to them: At what point does the weight of evidence and logic make it impossible to avoid concluding that in the case of Detroit, DEMOGRAPHICS are key?

    The sooner conservatives understand this the sooner they might be able to effect legislation to redesign our current immigration system which is going to turn large swathes of America into future Detroits and California Central Valleys.

    1. Beyond the obvious PC reasons, I think a good reason that the demographics are mostly ignored is that the policies themselves would be destructive regardless of who lived there. If you could convince enough people that it was the demographic makeup of Detroit that was at fault (which I disagree with for the most part) you could also make the claim that Detroit-type policies will work anywhere with different demographics. That’s not at all the case.

    2. I totally agree with Murdoc. I assume when you say demographics, you are speaking of the black population there. In regards to the fact that black Americans vote overwhelmingly for Democrats and Democrat social policy, yeah, that has helped make Detroit the problem that it is. But out here in California, the same policy idiocy is in full effect and only getting worse, and black voters have very little to do with it. Liberal social policy is the problem, and lots of people vote to make it a shitty reality.

      Attack the policies, not the demographics or race. We are all in this together.

      1. California has a demographic problem too: namely that it is becoming northern Mexico. Read Victor Davis Hanson’s accounts (here and here) of what is happening in the Central Valley. It is becoming third world.

        Mexico’s average IQ is about 87 and the US probably gets a great deal of those who are below that since the Mexican elites are not the ones flocking here. Given the 50% dropout rate among hispanics (and blacks), this does not bode well for California, or even American, which in about 30 years will become majority hispanic and black.

        I am convinced that demographics are a major issue. Is it the sole determining factor? No. The biggest example is North Korea. Like South Korea, NK has a population with an average IQ near 105, close to the highest in the world. Yet the North’s messed up isolationist, cult-worshiping system lags far behind. Doubtless that if governed like the South, North Korea would soon become an Asian economic tiger too.

        However, it is also easy to show examples where socialist policies, that American conservatives blame for Detroit’s and California’s woes, exists and yet those countries thrive. Look at the Scandinavian nations, Germany, and Israel.

        Bottom line, the system of government is important, but people are not interchangeable and demographics matter a heck of a lot. To think that demographics are irrelevant and that everything will be A-OK so long as we cut welfare, unemployment benefits and taxes is naive.

        Remember, you can’t have a third world nation without the third worlders.

        1. Chicken and egg with regards to California and immigration. California’s liberal mentality predated the mass illegal migration here, and many of the policies that encouraged it where put in place by the formally white-majority voters. I have read much of VDHs writings on the topic, as well as his book Mexifornia, but I don’t ascribe to the theory that Mexico is poor because Mexicans are stupid. I disagree with your demographics theory and instead go with culture. Mexico is poor and corrupt, because their culture tolerates corruption and creates poverty, to oversimplify my point. We have stopped assimilating immigrants, both legal and illegal, because of cultural shame, timidity, whatever. That will be our downfall. You don’t have to have an IQ of 130 to be a good American. You just have to want to be a good American.

          1. You could assimilate 50,000 Mexicans. You cannot assimilate 5,000,000 Mexicans. 50,000,000 Mexicans will want their own country.

            Mass immigration of an alien culture is insane. As a yardstick measure, America took in approximately 42 million immigrants from Jamestown (1609) to approximately 1960. Since the imposition of the 1965 Immigration Act, she’s taken in about 50 million and there are absolutely no signs it will stop. Unlike the previous 42 million, the latter are mostly from the third world and are not as readily assimilable as the European immigrants of the yesteryear.

            And yes IQ matters. This is not the America of 1880 who needed large quantities of unskilled labor. We are in the information age competing in high tech fields with advanced European and Northeast Asian nations. To believe that we can thrive with half the population being meso-Americans from Central America and Mexico is crazy.

            The really crazy thing though is that there is no sign of a let up. Discussing it as Pat Buchanan found out is not safe for one’s career. I am murdoc’s age. Growing up our school teachers told us how insane it was that China and India had 600 million people while the USA was barely over 200.

            Now many in the US are salivating at the prospects of America reaching 500 million. It’s crazy. You think your government doesn’t listen to you now, just wait. Remember in 1970 when we had 200 million people, we had 100 Senators and 435 Representatives. When we reach 500 million, we will still have 100 Senators and 435 Representatives. The difference will be those congressional districts will become enormous and you, the individual voter, will matter even less than you do now.

            I could go on about how taking in low skilled third worlders is also bad in that they are net tax consumers. But that is for another day. The bottom line is the issue cannot be rationally discussed because the gatekeepers deem it unacceptable. Yet the people of Israel, Japan, Korea and other places have no such self-restraint when it comes to determining who if anyone is admitted to their nations.

          2. I guess once the text box gets skinny enough, you can’t reply to it anymore.

            Anyway in reply to your last 11Bravo, I think we got a long way away from the original points about Detroit and social and economic policy. Remember, I largely agree with you about progressive policies, and used the illegal immigration in California among other places as an example outside of Detroit of a similar kind of stupidity.

            Though I will venture that if the US has to be populated by geniuses to continue to succeed, we are all hosed.

            I suspect I am of a similar age to you guys, I am 34. I have seen the PC aspect of this country take over all common sense and self interest as a nation. It’s mind numbing in its short sightedness and I do fear that we won’t come to our senses until it’s too late to go back. I hope it doesn’t come to that though.

        2. I’ll take nation of hard-working people with low IQs who want to do the right thing over a whole nation of people with high IQs who don’t want to earn their way.

          EDIT: Though I will agree that totally ignoring the “demographic issue” is not productive, either…

  3. ‘If lost, the Falklands would be extremely difficult to re-take’

    Although I am not big of foreign intervention and NATO’s post Cold War existence, I wish the US and NATO would just come out and state that an attack on the Falklands is an attack on a NATO member and would trigger a collective response. Argentina needs to get over this once and for all. The people of the Falklands are British and life there resembles Scotland much more than any Latin nation.

    1. Wouldn’t mind seeing that myself.
      Unfortunately the wording of article V is weaker than the idea. Despite including ‘..will assist..’ it leaves plenty of wriggle room ‘..such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force..’ (i.e. if you only want to contribute a food or medical aid parcels instead, go right ahead!) It is also geographically bound hence why the invoking in support of Afghan ops was double noteworthy ‘..attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America..’

      Most of the naysayers have vested defence industry interests. Britain’s ace in the hole has always been its SSNs, as Argentina does not have the airlift for a purely airborne operation. There was a forestalled invasion in ’77 as even Adm Lombardo -probably the most militant pro-Malvinas advocate in the Junta- could not sanction an invasion when informed via back channels that a nuc hunter killer was on the loose. In ’82 the were told it was on its way (doh!) not yet on station=no deterrence and they upped their invasion timetable according.

    2. I agree on this. It’s one thing to go “nation building” or “intervening” in places for national interest (or not) but it’s another to let someone intervene onto your territory or your allies.

      I would back military action in support of the UK on this. Whether intel only, logistical support, or naval/air combat. I’d need to be convinced to put troops into the ground fight (beyond maybe small SF type things), but I’d listen.

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