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Tea Party and OWS Protest Side-By-Side Against Obama in San Francisco

The unthinkable finally happened last night in San Francisco: the Tea Party shared a protest with the Occupiers, both groups angry with the same person.

And who was this unifier, the only man who can bridge the divide and bring together all sides of the political spectrum? Why, President Obama, of course.

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  1. Both movements have a bit in common. Their aims are diametrically opposed, but some of their complaints are the same. Tea Party is pissed that the government seems to be bought and paid for with their money and is growing out of control and beyond the ability of the voter to control. The occupiers are pissed that the people that bought and paid for government are getting the hand-outs, not them. So they are angry at the same government for a lot of the same problems, just for different reasons.

    That said, when the left and the right are both angry at the same actions, it might behoove the folks in power to pay a little more attention before things get even more ugly.

      1. It is too old for this age. I could write a thick book on what and why. maybe later.

        in related news Tea Partiers and Enviroweenies are in agreement wrt the Keystone pipeline:

        1. Do you, like Justice Ginsburg, prefer the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms? Or is it something else that you disagree with? The Constitution is not static, and can and has been amended over the years.

          1. @11bravo

            Not sure aboot the Canadian thing. Though they seem to be in worse rights & freedoms shape lately than we are.

            It would be nice if the existing US Constitution were being observed. But … there is so much Old context and reliance on penumbral decisions that lawmakers are basically free to do what they want with impunity; and we are left holding the invoice.

            A new Constitution would allow laws to be Observed in a contemporary context while clarifying the very few but key vagaries in the old one. Unfortunately, I don’t think we can rely on the same club of clowns to write a new Constitution either.

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