Laptop Shooting Dad Pretty Much a Jerk

Hmmm. I’m not at all convinced that the whole incident where that dad made a big old YouTube video of him shooting his daughter’s laptop after she badmouthed him and his wife on Facebook is genuine. And if it is, I’m not at all convinced that his approach was a good one.

Sure, everyone likes to high-five each other and yell “Take THAT, you whiny spoiled ungrateful kids!” But is that really good parenting? I’d have to know a whole lot more about the situation before I’d say it is.

Anyway, I just saw over on Dean’s World (in the comments) that the laptop he shot was PAID FOR BY THE DAUGHTER. So after all of his blah blah blah about how she can have another one when she can buy it herself, he shot one she bought herself.

That pretty much makes him a jerk in Murdoc’s humble opinion.

FWIW, I pretty much agree with most of Dean’s thinking on the subject.



    1. I haven’t searched through the comments to check it myself, but the commenter posted what she claims is the comment from the guy about it.

      Sure, maybe it’s just a commenter on Dean’s World making things up.

      Then again, maybe it’s just a guy on YouTube making things up.

      If the commenter is wrong and the guy on YouTube is right, I still don’t really buy his method.

  1. I have a 17-year old daughter. I bought her a Dell laptop and monitor her “Face Book”.

    She recently bought a Kevlar cover for it????

    Probably it’s the latest teen fashion thing.

  2. I don’t see how the daughter could have paid for it if she’s never worked. You’re being scammed into feeling bad for the lazy child.

    1. And you know she never worked how? Because someone in a YouTube video said so?

      My kids have never had a regular job, but they’ve had the chance to save enough money to pay for a laptop.

      Anyway, as I said, even if the laptop was a gift from the dad he’s still using a fairly questionable method.

  3. Read further in the thread and Elizabeth Reid–who is one of my more regular, reliable, and intellectually honest commenters–notes that it was on his Facebook page, and she quotes it directly. You can’t directly link Facebook content but I trust her integrity; the child owned the computer.

    A child without a regular job has all sorts of ways to obtain their own money. My own 14 year old has done occasional babysitting, and of course there are often Christmas and birthday and graduation gifts (like from 8th grade) and whatnot. In any case it appears that the father acknowledges the laptop was already the child’s property.

    Make of it what you will.

    (Good to see you again Murdoch!)

    1. I have no reason to doubt your commenter, Dean, I just haven’t seen the comment itself. So I can’t say it’s “verified” even though it’s good enough for me personally.

      Without knowing more, I don’t know if this over-the-top approach was at all warranted. Like you, I would think there were many better ways to get the point across. But who knows? Maybe this was a last-ditch type of attempt after many previous attempts had failed.

      I guess I’m thankful that my own kids have not ever put me or my wife into a situation where we’d even think of resorting to something like this.

      1. He had promised her that the next time she pulled this kind of crap he was going to put a bullet through the laptop, and he followed through.
        In addition, an “Aftermath” was posted by him, detailing the visits from CPS and the cops because people were so afraid he was going to hurt her. Seeing no problems they did not remove the teenager and did not arrest him. This was not the first offense by the daughter, just in case you missed that. Finally, instead of just dumping on her, he waited for the shock and temper tantrum from the teen wore off and talked to her about it and according to him, shes learned her lesson and is taking her punishment.
        Sometimes you need a little tough love to shock an unruly child back to reality.

        1. In this aftermath, did he specify whether or not she had paid for the laptop herself? Because if she did he’s pretty much a jerk and nothing he can say about respect can be taken seriously.

          1. As far as I could tell, he provided the laptop. You could always look the guy up and email him. Considering the cops didn’t arrest him or anything, and the daughter forgave him and is taking her lumps [as she should] I kinda doubt she bought it with her own money…

  4. Sorry to be off topic, but what is the Army coming to?

    CAMP ZAMA, Japan – The Army is ordering its hardened combat veterans to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand how pregnant soldiers feel during physical training.

    This is embarrassing to say the least. I can’t believe they put a video of it on youtube. I bet the jihadis are quaking in their boots.

    1. Saw that on Blackfive. See, when I have my reservations about women and gays serving, its mostly because of crap like this. If people can do the job, and their presence doesn’t screw with the cohesion and chemistry of a unit, whatever. If the whole frigging army is going to be bent to make things nicey nice for everyone, then godammit no. This should be insanely embarrassing to women too. Did they really sign up in the military to make men more aware of their pregnancy ordeal?

      Personally, if you volunteer in the military and you are or will be the primary care giver to a child, you shouldn’t have signed up.

  5. I don’t like it. It perpetuates a bad stereotype image of gun owners.

    A baseball bat or cordless drill would have been just as effective.

    And it’s a waste of good ammo.

  6. jaymaster,

    You have a point.

    However using a Louisville slugger or drill wouldn’t have the same effect.

    How’s about a Thermite grenade.

    OH, can’t lay your hands on one?

    I use a mixture of aluminium powder and fine Iron fillings.

    However you need something that burns really hot to set the “thermite” off. Use a shot glass of gunpowder.

    Place a generous supply of the homemade “Thermite” (about 12 to 16 ozs.) on the laptop cover. create a small cavity in the middle of the “Thermite” and fill that cavity with the gunpowder.

    Now to ignite the gunpowder use a long fireplace match (about 12-inches) or place a teaspoon of Potassium permanganate on the gunpowder and using an eye-dropper squeeze out some Pharmaceutical Glycerine on the Potassium Permanganate. The Glycerine will react with the Potassium Permanganate and ingnite the gunpowder which will then set off the Thermite. Stand way back from the stuff cause it burns at 2,500 degrees celsius and sometimes an air pocket will cause the burning material to spatter.

    Do not stare directly at the burning thermire. It, like the sun. can damage the retina.

    Have a fun time!

    1. ermite, yeah , that would have been awesome!

      I’ve played around with it. I made my aluminum with a file (not fun), and I actually used iron oxide made from burning steel wool (easy). Worked great.

      And I lit it with good ole salt peter and sugar.

      I had a hell of a time finding salt peter there for a while, until a couple years ago I found it in bulk on amazon. I just checked, and you can find aluminum powder there too! And Iron oxide! And sulfur! And charcoal!

      We live in good times….

  7. My understanding of what he said was that he paid for some upgrades and software that he installed in the computer. I thought he said if she wanted another computer she could have one when she could buy it for herself. I understood it that he was not going to replace the computer for her. Either way, I really don’t care. This kid had done this once before, been warned about it and then turned around and did it again. A mark of stupidity at mimimum, along with common sense unobserved. If I had offspring that perpetually badmouthed me to their idiot buddies and the world in general, while living under the protection and luxuries I provide her, she would definitely pay. And at 18 if she was not out the house, I would drive to the next county and drop her off at the nearest recruiter’s office with a hearty “Best of Luck.”

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