A few answers for Andy Rooney

Rooney Asks

Andy Rooney had some questions he wanted to ask false-hero American soldiers. Sgt. Hook, in Afghanistan, asked them for him. Go read the answers.

I’m not saying that Rooney is a looney. (Well, he is, but not only for this.) I’m saying that Rooney is just plain wrong about this. He took a few points that might have started a good discussion and presented them in a way that is way over the top and smells of partisan rhetoric. It’s hard to take questions seriously when asked by a raving madman shouting at the top of his lungs, which is more or less what Rooney is doing here.

Stupid column. Plain and simple. (via Blackfive)

UPDATE: The article is no longer available on The Buffalo News. Check the Mudville Gazette for what appears to be a complete version of it.