Friday Linkzookery – 09 Jun 2012

Secretary Gates’s STFU Policy
It’s like he thinks the politicians shouldn’t be releasing secret military data to the public during a war.

You’re Not Special
Once high school is over, education begins. Some people delay that by attending college, but, at some point, learning must commence.

Chicago PD Sued for Deleting Footage, Strip Searching Citizens Over Cop Car Crash
It’s almost like the cops wanted to suppress the video of another cop driving the wrong way on a one-way and hitting a motorcycle head-on.

C-189 Submarine Museum, St. Petersberg
Great photos of a Rooskie Whiskey.

U.S. ‘Extraordinarily Dissatisfied’ with Pakistan on Afghan War

Marine unit abandons ‘Crusaders’ nickname
Military Religious Freedom Foundation objected to the name, fearing that it was offensive to those the Marines were bombing the shit out of.

Stolen Valor on America’s Got Talent: Tim Poe Exposed by This Ain’t Hell
Tim Poe pretended to be a wounded vet who saved his buddies by diving onto a grenade. Tim Poe lied. Tim Poe is a loser.

China Calls U.S. Shift to Pacific ‘Untimely’
US Navy will have 60/40 split between Pacific and Atlantic by 2020.

Suicides are surging among US troops
Army data suggest soldiers with multiple combat tours are at greater risk of committing suicide, although a substantial proportion of Army suicides are committed by soldiers who never deployed.

Japanese Warships Move Closer To North Korea
Aegis anti-missile destroyers.

Australia’s secret plan for war with China uncovered
2009 defense white paper detailed possible war with China.

Lockheed delivers LCS 3 to Navy ahead of schedule
USS Fort Worth, monohull design.

Lockheed touts Army K-MAX demonstration
Supply drone has worked well for Marines in Afghanistan so far.

ORP Błyskawica, Polish Grom-class destroyer
Fought on after the conquest of her homeland.

Islamic Militants Bloody US Forces In Big Army Wargame
Shockingly, logistics is an Achilles heel of extended operations, even in a low-tech environment. Who would have guessed?

Younger voter unemployment at 12.1%, threatens Obama
When those who have given up looking for work are counted, it’s 16.9%. This is a key component of why the OWS types are so important to the libs…they need to deflect the blame or lose a lot of their socialist wannabe voters.

A Due Process Right to Record the Police
If we make sure that government isn’t allowed to curtail our rights here, we’ll win a huge victory for our kids and grandkids.

Russian Ballistic Missiles to Cover Tracks
Mobile transporter erector launchers will hide evidence of their movement.

Twilight of the West
Murdoc’s no pessimist, but so often it feels like we’re fighting the long defeat. But that’s worse than not fighting.

Israel Arming German-Supplied Subs With Nukes: Report
Der Spiegel reports that Israel is putting nuclear-tipped cruise missiles aboard its Dolphin-class boats.

Congresswoman tours fire-damaged sub in Maine
Decommissioned USS Memphis could provide parts for fire-damaged USS Miami. Big question is hull integrity. Maybe put Memphis back into service and retire Miami?

An SR-71 Blackbird Tail Fin Is For Sale On eBay For $1 Million

DARPA Device Lauded by U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan
TransApps device is programmed with apps for tracking the user’s movements, taking pictures, displaying maps and relaying position information to other soldiers carrying the same devices. Not currently compatible with FBCB2 or BFT.

DoD eyes expanded military ties to Vietnam
US Navy would like access to Cam Ranh Bay port.

Michigan Teacher Pension Underfunding Hits $22B
It’s almost like the existing model is unsustainable.

Labor Dept. counts oil lobbyists, garbage men, bus drivers as ‘green jobs’


  1. “Marine unit abandons ‘Crusaders’ nickname.

    More Liberal P.C. bull shit. That and other seemingly “innocuous gestures” are what’s going to dilute this country’s will to fight the enemy at any cost.

    The word Crusader is not obscene nor does it promote racism. By dropping this nickname the Islamic terror slimes gain yet another psychological victory.

    1. ‘Crusader’ is no more obscene or rascist than ‘Mujhahideen’. Both are classified as a religious warrior. Any PC concerns would IMO be of the Establishment of Religion type.

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