Unions Went For It All, Won Nothing

Wisconsin. All this time, all this money, all this whining. Clinton and Obama pulling for the challenger. Busing in voters from out of state.

And lost 53-46.

What idiots.


  1. um how did Obama ‘pull’ for Barret? He was a no-show afaict.

    And yeah Dems were busing out of state protesters…but Reps were out spending 7-1 with %70 of it from out of state (due to limits on challengers). Pot meet kettle.

    And really you should not complain about whining and wasted time. Walker set out from the start to “divide and conquer”. If one picks a fight, then one should expect to actually have to fight.

    1. The spending in WI this year just like the spending in the presidential election in 2008 except the republicans were doing the spending.
      What is good for the goose is also good for the gander!

    2. I think the difference Murdoc pointed out was that one of the sides wasted all of that effort. The other one didn’t. He didn’t compare methods, he compared results.

      Not quite pot v. kettle, more like pot v. chef in this case I think.

      Lastly, I’m not sure I heard complaining. Gloating? Maybe. not sure where you got complaining from. I would GUESS that all of the wasted union money from this race is good news for fiscal conservatives.

  2. Obama made the correct choice by not campaigning in Wisconsin. Now the media can only speculate what difference he would have made. But if he had campaigned and Walker still won it would have removed the doubt about Obama’s influence. At this time Obama cannot afford to have the doubt removed.

  3. the Reps only outspent the Dems if you ignore the UNION money that was used. The actual numbers much more equitable.

    1. Shhhh. The whole idea is that the meanie corporations are spending money for political ends while the union is just trying to do the right thing.

      If you start pointing out facts about money, how can everyone blame Koch Brothers for killing democracy?

  4. And don’t forget that DNC hatchet beast Debbie Wasserman Shultz put her personal reputation on the results of this race. You don’t hear anything about that now, do you?

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