Meh. Very meh.

4 out of 10. And only gets 4 because it’s visually a 10.

Astoundingly shallow story-wise and character-wise. But seems about on par with other blockbuster-type action movies…which is why Murdoc only goes to a couple movies a year in the theater. The next five movies I’m on the fence about I’ll skip because of this disappointment.

And it’s not because I’m unhappy with it as a part of the ALIEN franchise. This is only tangentially connected, and someone who knows nothing about the ALIEN movies will not be missing anything at all. It borrows a couple of names and designs from the ALIEN films, and every bit it borrows could be changed to something completely different and it would not affect PROMETHEUS in the slightest.

As I said, it’s certainly something to see. But now that CGI has progressed so far, I am rarely impressed with anything on screen. And because they can do so much, they do SO MUCH. Great effects should not replace a competent story…great effects should allow good stories to be told to their fullest.

It all starts with the story. PROMETHEUS ain’t got it.

I haven’t seen BATTLESHIP or the latest TRANSFORMERS movie, but I expect that both of them are the dumbest action crap imaginable. I was expecting more from PROMETHEUS but was wrong. This was almost as bad as I imagine BATTLESHIP to be.

Waste of $10 and two hours. Will not go again. Will not see the sequel. Will not buy the Blu-Ray.

4 thoughts on “Prometheus”

  1. That’s disappointing just to read, let alone after having paid your $$ and sat through it.

    Disappointing but perhaps not surprising. How many sequels/prequels of perfectly good stories has Hollywood f*cked up? Well I don’t know either but I would be comfortable answering, “Nearly all of them”.

    When it’s available on Netflix in like 3 years I’ll have a better-informed opinion.

  2. Although not a sequel, I still hold out hope that Iron Sky will be as strange and interesting as it seems:

  3. I have not seen this yet. Though I am wondering what recent movies and characters the Murdoc would think to be the opposite of shallow. Peaky?

  4. There were a couple of clever bits in the story but yeah, they put 95% of the effort into the visuals and 5% into the story when it would have been better had it been the other way around.

    The thing that annoyed me most is that they just HAD to follow the pattern of most of the other Alien/Aliens/etc. movies. Made it seem cookie-cutter. What would have been wrong with a different formula this time? The concept is rich enough to spawn any number of interesting plots.

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