Flag Day

I’ve got a friend whose birthday is June 14th. Every June 14th I wish him a happy Flag Day.

Anyway, a reader pointed out that while Google had no special “Doodle” logo for Flag Day today, Bing had this:

Flag Day on Bing
Flag Day on Bing

I’ve noted the difference between Google and Bing on various patriotic-sort holidays and anniversaries before, so I’m not surprised about this in the least. On D-Day this year Google celebrated drive-in theaters. In 2009 on D-Day, they memorialized Tetris.


8 thoughts on “Flag Day”

  1. If you do a USMC birthday post in November, I will know you must not like the Army.

  2. 11 Bravo,

    It’s not that Murdoc doesn’t like the army, he just honors the best branch of the military.

    1. Every year he does a USMC birthday post, but he generally misses the Army birthday, June 14th. However, I am probably being too harsh because I didn’t notice a Battle of Midway post this summer which he normally does.

      1. Yah. I’ve been slipping. As I’ve said before, I’m not dissing the Army, I’ve just got a couple of co-workers who are all hooting and hollering about the USMC birthday every year. I meant to make a point about the Army birthday this year. And then forgot.

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