Turkey to play NATO card in Syria?

Andrew McCarthy:

NATO ought not exist at all, and if it must exist, surely Turkey’s Islamist government — friend of Iran, financial backer of the Hamas terrorist organization, facilitator of operations against Israel — has no business being in it. Now, Turkey appears poised to exploit its NATO membership to force the Western intervention in Syria that the Muslim Brotherhood and allied Islamists have been calling for.

Honestly, Murdoc thinks this might be a bit of a stretch. But it’s clear that things are not cooling off and that the list of those getting the muck on them is widening.

Via Instapundit.


  1. I don’t know if Turkey could use this incident to bring the US into a war. But I do know it is time to start to tear down these tripwires that are out there that could lead us into a war not in our interests.

    We should exit NATO. The Cold War is over. I have no interest in Turkey or Syria and could not care less what happens to either. There is no way I’d support US intervention in a war between them. And let’s not forget what asses Turkey was in not letting the 4th ID come down from the north into Iraq. They had to backtrack and go all the way around to come up through Kuwait costing valuable time.

    While we are on NATO, thank God we did not admit Georgia a few years back, or we’d have gone to war with Russia over a piece of dirt that is of no importance to America. NATO should have had a great retirement party 20 years ago. It’s beyond time to put it to bed.

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