Prussian Blue Going a Bit Green

Lynx and Lamb - Prussian Blue in 2005

Lynx and Lamb
Prussian Blue in 2005

Okay, okay, I know I promised that the last post on Prussian Blue was going to be the final one, but that was 7 years ago so cut old Murdoc some slack.

For those who don’t remember, Prussian Blue are “white nationalist” twin teenage singers spreading their gospel via catchy pop tunes while wearing t-shirt with cute Hitler smiley faces. See Lynx and Lamb – sort of the Mary-Kate and Ashley of Doom. Or, at least, they WERE teenagers. They were 13 at the time, so they must be about 20 now.

And things have changed a bit.

“We were teenage Nazis… then we discovered marijuana”: Amazing change of heart for Sieg Heil twin sisters

They appear to have turned from fascist, anti-immigration hate-mongers into laid-back liberals celebrating the joys of ethnic diversity and spreading a message of peace and love.

After escaping the all-controlling clutches of their mother, April, and battling serious health problems, Lynx and Lamb, now 20, say they have swapped their Hitler youth for a happy hippy lifestyle.

And, like so many other pop star transformations, the Gaede twins appear to have been helped along their journey of “enlightenment” by smoking a lot of marijuana.

“My sister and I are pretty liberal now,” Lamb revealed in a recent US TV interview.

“Yeah,” chipped in Lynx, languidly flicking her long blonde hair.


At 15 Lynx was diagnosed with cancer and had a large tumour removed from her shoulder.

She also developed a rare ­condition called cyclic vomiting syndrome.

Lamb suffered from scoliosis of the spine and chronic back pain, which led to emotional problems.

After various drugs failed to help either of them they were both prescribed medical marijuana – and say it changed their lives.

It’s very clear that they were the cute little Nazi twins due to their upbringing and that, thankfully, they seem to have outgrown that a bit. But their mom says they’re just “going through a phase” and will return to their true beliefs at some point.

They plan to campaign for legalized pot in the US.


  1. Well, they just moved from brown fascism to green fascism, from national socialism to international eco-socialism. Not much of a difference.

  2. One thing about stuff your parents put in your head as a child, it has a way of coming back to the surface as you get older. Hopefully these two buck that trend though.

    What was Hitler’s stance on marijuana use? Would he approve of this?

  3. “What was Hitler’s stance on marijuana use?”

    I don’t think Hitler wod approve Nadnerbus.

    From what I’ve read Hitler was a vegetarian and kept to a pretty strict health-food diet.

    However, he probably would have given the green light to Dr. Mengle to administer the stuff to the Concentration Camp inmates as a medical experiment.

  4. Actually IIRC Hitler used Meth or some derivative there of, so weed might have been an acceptable “mood stabilizer”

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