AT4s to Iraq

U.S. Sending Iraq Antitank Weapons to Thwart Militants’ Bombings

The U.S. is sending Iraq’s military 1,000 antitank weapons to defend against armored vehicles jury-rigged by Islamic State into otherwise unstoppable suicide bombs like those it used to capture Ramadi.

The weapons, due for delivery by mid-June under plans that already were under way, will give Iraqi forces a defense against the type of assaults that drove them from Ramadi, the regional capital of Anbar Province, according to a U.S. State Department official who briefed reporters Wednesday under ground rules requiring anonymity.

Islamic State used about 30 vehicle-bombs driven by suicide drivers in the group’s successful effort to seize the government-controlled portion of the city and achieve a major tactical victory. Those heavily armored vehicles included a bulldozer, a dump truck and some Humvees that were essentially impervious to weapons fired by Iraqi forces, who retreated in the face of the assault, according to the official.

Murdoc would think maybe M72s would be a better choice for this. Cheaper and less of a threat if/when they fall into enemy hands.


  1. Unless the Iraqi military is getting AT4s with AST (Anti-Structure Tandem) warheads, they won’t find much use for them. ISIL employs very little armor (and when they do, it’s usually a vehicle that isn’t supposed to be armored, clad in scrap metal), but uses many fortifications, obstacles, and fighting positions inside buildings.

    If they have HEAT warheads, these AT4s will only end up benefiting ISIL against Iraqi armor; the Iraqi Army is certain to abandon many usable AT4s as they impulsively flee from a force more than 30x smaller than theirs. They’ve done it before.

    1. Don’t disagree at all, Blacktail. I think the M72 or even an RPG buy from someone would make more sense. This seems silly.

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