IS Affiliate in Egypt Attacks Egyptian Warship

Egyptian navy vessel targeted by militants off Sinai’s coast

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian navy vessel was targeted on Thursday by militants affiliated with the Islamic State group, who claimed they destroyed it with a rocket while it was anchored off the Sinai peninsula’s Mediterranean coast.

Egyptian military spokesman Brig. Gen. Mohammed Samir said the vessel caught fire in an exchange of fire with “terrorists” on the shore and that there were no fatalities among its crew members. He did not say how much damage the vessel suffered and gave no details on the type of ship or the size of its crew.

The Sinai Province of the Islamic State, the IS affiliate in Egypt, issued a statement claiming to have destroyed the ship. A fisherman who witnessed the attack said it was towed away by another vessel after the fire was put out.

UPDATE: More photos here.

The largest ships in the Egyptian fleet are frigates. It’s tough to tell from these photos but this looks more like a patrol boat of some sort.

UPDATE 2: This Time story calls it a “frigate.”