Red Turrets on the USS Arizona (BB-39)?

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New USS Arizona model shows blue paint scheme

Craftsman Don Preul, determined to create the world’s most accurate representation of the warship, conferred with Park Service historian Dan Martinez on the proper colors. Research was difficult because most of the ship’s records had been destroyed in 1944.
Preul hit the jackpot in the National Archives when he uncovered an order from Pearl Harbor commander Husband Kimmel directing that the ships under his command be painted a shade referred to as Mediterranean Blue.

“Suddenly, here was a link to something that had troubled us for years,” said Martinez. “Then we had it confirmed by USS Arizona aviator Glenn Lane, who was keeper of the paint locker in the aviation section. Not only was the ship blue, but the tops of the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4 turrets were red.”

Kimmel’s orders specify a rainbow of five colors to represent the different battleship divisions, painted atop the two front turrets of battleships. The aftermost turret top was to be painted in a color representing which aircraft division the ship belonged to. In the case of the USS Arizona, both colors were a bright red.

Cruisers had their turret tops painted in similar colors, but in stripes instead of solid panels.

USS Arizona (BB-39) with red turrets at Pearl Harbor