Murdoc has always thought John Stewart was pretty much a jackass, but he thought he was just a liberal-leaning comedian jackass. Turns out he’s been a hack all along. Oh, well. The end result isn’t all that different.

Last year, under fire for the horrifying conditions at Veterans Administration hospitals that led to the deaths of perhaps hundreds of vets, Obama tried to reroute the nation’s attention with what he thought would be a warm, patriotic tableau: the release of POW Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan.

It immediately became obvious that Bergdahl, for whom Obama had traded five Taliban prisoners, was a likely deserter, and Bergdahl is currently awaiting trial on that charge. Stewart’s response was to blast away at Fox News for suggesting Bergdahl was a deserter.

If that blame-shifting non-answer had come directly from the White House, it would have seemed as pathetic as Richard Nixon telling us not to listen to those pinkos Woodward and Bernstein. But Stewart’s pose as an honest observer helped cement the impression with liberals that there was nothing wrong with the Bergdahl decision.

Why care what some jackass comedian says? Murdoc doesn’t care, but he’s concerned that so many people seem to believe that Stewart actually has something meaningful to say and that his opinions on important issues matter.