Remember how dumb Romney was about things and stuff

Instapundit reminds us how people made so much fun of Mitt Romney in 2012 when he warned about the growing terror threat in Mali.

The problem, of course, is that no one remembers it. Especially those who were poking the fun and pretending that Romney was a clueless hick trying to scaremonger everyone and act like Obama didn’t have things under control. When they’re reminded that they were poking fun and that they’ve now been proven completely wrong, they just shrug and no one cares because they’re so busy poking fun at other stuff that loads of people think is funny today and will be forgotten about by the time it’s proven to be completely correct.

This is a World War. Murdoc thinks its the 4th World War, but call it whatever you’d like. Just please don’t pretend it’s not happening. And don’t poke fun at those who want to fight it for the benefit of those who are trying to lose it.