Donald Trump

Nattering Nabobs

Murdoc doesn’t count himself in the Trump camp, really, but he’s been saying this sort of thing since the first few primaries demonstrated that all the talk of Trump’s candidacy wasn’t going to just evaporate once people had to start actually voting:

Still, when I hear smart people explaining why Trump cannot win, all I can think is: Aren’t you the ones who told us that he couldn’t top 30 percent, and then 40 percent, and then 50 percent in the Republican primaries? Weren’t you confident that he was finished after he called Mexicans rapists, and insulted prisoners of war, and dished out a menstruation insult?

Did you predict his nomination? If not, we don’t want to hear your certainty about his November defeat.

People are complaining about Trump not being a serious candidate, but so many of the reasons they’re giving for hating the guy are unserious.

Personally, Murdoc hopes that the Dems and the media continue to do exactly what they’ve been doing. If they do, Trump will win handily. Not that Murdoc thinks Trump will be a particularly good president. But have you seen the alternatives?