You Cannot Underestimate the Harm These People Are Doing

Let Murdoc get this straight…Citizens of another nation in a city controlled by our enemy have a “right” to the internet but American citizens on American soil should have actual Constitutionally-guaranteed rights curtailed because terrorists might be able to get guns if the FBI does a bad job of FBIing:

U.S. Won’t Block Internet in ISIS Stronghold Raqqa; Says Citizens Have Right to Internet

Rep. Martha McSally, a retired fighter pilot, posed the question to the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and global security, Thomas Atkin: “We have known cells in Raqqa that are directing training, that are directing operations very specifically targeting against Americans,” McSally said. “Why is the Internet not shut down in Raqqa?”

Atkin noted that he would give a more detailed answer during the closed-door hearing in the afternoon, but answered in general terms. “Certainly going after specific nodes to hamper and stop the use of the Internet by ISIS is important, but we also have to respect the rights of citizens to have access to the Internet,” he said. “So it’s a careful balance, even in Raqqa.”

Honestly, that’s the stupidest bullshit Murdoc has heard this week. And this week has been a doozy.

The problem seems to be that cyber operation must follow the same rules of engagement as kinetic operations and attempts to take out internet service for the IS would have “collateral damage” by taking out non-IS civilian internet.

Are the adults ever going to be put back in charge?