Steven DenBeste

Steven DenBeste, author of U.S.S. Clueless when Murdoc discovered him, has died.

U.S.S. Clueless was one of the first blog-type news/commentary sites that I followed, and it was not only informative and entertaining, it was inspirational. Murdoc Payday Online probably would not have existed without U.S.S. Clueless.

The first “big link” MO received was from DenBeste, and I still remember the thrill of realizing that a writer who I looked up to had thought enough to link, quote, and comment on something little old Murdoc had posted.

Archives of USS Clueless are currently available here.

I did not know DenBeste personally, but I wish him godspeed and thank him for all that he did. Farewell.

4 thoughts on “Steven DenBeste”

  1. It would not be wrong to assert that the entire “right” blogosphere emanates from SDB. I know I found it early on and reveled in the profound truth of his essays. A giant to be sure, and I grok why he shifted focus in later life so as to avoid those who would never learn.

    I’ve read rumors of ZIP files of complete Clueless archives. If that’s true, I’d gladly host same.

    1. Ned,
      When SdB stopped updating USS Clueless and mentioned a chronic disease, I had a spiderbot download his site. I still have the files somewhere. Over this weekend I’ll sort, zip, and upload somewhere.

      In the meantime, the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive has the majority of his content.

  2. I… wow. I didn’t know until I read this post a moment ago. This is very sad news for me, but I’m glad I heard it here, in one of my long-time preferred hangouts. Among friends, so to speak.

    It’s hard to overstate the influence USS Clueless had on me as a young man. SdB wasn’t always right, but he was always thoughtful and interesting, and a voice of reason, resolve and civility in a time and place where such things were badly needed.

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