Army Combat Uniform (ACU)

New US Military Uniform

Pretty much everyone has commented on this and I don’t really have much to add, but I thought I’d toss this link up since it has a decent visual and a pretty good summary of the new uniform that will be replacing the BDU.

J-Walk posted this photo on Monday.


He wrote:

It shows three soldiers: two in the new uniform, and one in the old uniform.

I think he’s just kidding, though. I don’t see anyone at all.

My initial impression is that the new uniforms are pretty cool, if only because most of the modifications have been made specifically to address issues raised by troops. The gray camo looks a little weird, but don’t worry. Everyone will be wearing green and brown body armor over it. Assuming they can get body armor.

I still haven’t heard a good explanation for why they continue to produce body armor in forest rather than desert colors, by the way.


  1. that grey is urban only. not desert. not woods/jungle. not snow. urban. and they better get some urban armor to go with it or they won’t blend in. and woodland for woodland an desert for desert.

  2. Its Called cost effectiveness, billions are being wasted now, in this war. So cuts and best over all conditions compatability is needed as armor is very expensive

  3. Unnamed June 30 commenter: This isn’t a third urban color. Gray is going to replace woodland and desert uniforms. Bison133: I’ve heard the cost-effectivelness argument many times, but it doesn’t make sense unless green camo is a lot cheaper than brown camo. That doesn’t seem likely.

  4. I like the uniform, looks pretty good, I don’t like the bottom two pockets on our new uniform, they don’t do a damn thing for me, so finally, someone thought, just get rid of them, it’s more practical, except I agree with a few, maybe in a few more years, they’ll realize the importance of a three color scheme, after all, why put a price on soldiers heads…why do politicians wanna preach about keeping us safe at home, then giving us substandard equipment when we go to fight the fight, I think we need three different color schemes, one for desert, urban, and woodland…urban can even be an at home uniform, but I don’t feel comfortable deploying now, wearing a urban uniform in the middle of the desert, unless I’m guaranteed to always be in an environment that’s gonna blend in with my uniform

  5. The new uniform is pretty sharp. Velcro is a bad idea though. It wears out too quickly and could comporomise noise discipline in the field. If the soldiers supply is squared away, the cost of sewing on patches should not come out of their pocket. The boots are a bad idea also. They will not hold up in wet or muddy conditions. Also the leg pockets are a bit tacky. Also, suggest getting rid of the beret. It goes good with the Class A uniform but it’s a pain in the butt when in duty uniform especially when you are carrying items. You have to put what you have down just to put it on where with a soft cap it’s as easy as putting it on your head.

  6. Digital camo just works plain better no matter the situation in my opinion. Damn canadians have had it before the marine corps. They came to ft. drum specifically to make the burger king line excruciatingly long. From a distance I couldn’t tell where one ended and another started. That was in a building. Granted, one on it’s own is gonna stand out but they were wearing woodland only camo that consisted of green and dark green. This multipurpose stuff will probably work well if you at least attempt to get behind something or crouch. A lot of Iraq isn’t 100% desert anyway. the north has a bit of trees and a LOT of grass that’s really green in the winter rainy season so our desert uniform is useless then. A unit here already has the uniform minus the wrinkle free, permanant press and digicamo and it’s pretty nice. Digicamo just confuses the eyes a lot more than standard US camoflage in my opinion, no matter the situation.

  7. OH, and the body armor is also made in desert camo as well. Only problem is that it was only issued to about 4 airforce guys attached to us and new guys who just arrived. All that matters is the armor carrier which isn’t that expensive but I guess the army didn’t wanna waste money on getting new carriers. We had covers for the old flak jackets that we didn’t even bother bringing cause we got the new stuff now.

  8. Yeah, the main idea with camo is to disguise by pattern…( which is why Ghillie suits are so effective, although color is obviously the second consideration) have you guys ever seen pictures of old world war two ships painted with blocky camo? Probably wouldn’t have worked…but it certainly confuses the eye at first glance. Different kind of fighting of course. The mechanical changes on the uniform are great. I love the chest mounted rank and arm-band unit insignia. Nice change, very warriorlike. Also, for troops in harms way in woodland settings, if it turns out the grey really DOES stand out like a red thumb, just darken up that light part with some dark green dye in the wash…crazy idea…but it might work. I dunno…the all-in-one color scheme is certainly the main concern.

  9. P.S. Oh yeah…wtf IS with the woodland body armor?? Hope someone gets off their ass quick on that one. J

  10. heres a link to which talks about the new ACU color scheme in depth (and unfortunately, seems to debunk the Army’s assertion that black should no longer appear in the ACU)

  11. I was in Heidelberg Germany into the expo, and I saw the new BDU, I talked with the people make and they told me it will be the only one BDU no more desert or woodland and april 2005 deploy people are the first to wear this BDU, personally the BDU is sharp, no more starch no iron, I don’t like the velcro but the color of the velcro is so bad with the color of the BDU they need to change with a similar color, like that look like fake BDU.

  12. Oh geez! The current BDUs were working just fine. They were harder to see (than the WWII khaki and Vietnam greens) and were both good for what they did. Did we really NEED to get new BDUs? In my opinion, it is just a complete waste of money. And yes, I have felt that way about the USMC BDUs.

  13. Is this new BDU pattern going to be adopted by the Navy and the Air Force as well? Or is it going to strictly be an Army uniform?

  14. Only Army (not sure about Marines) at this point as far as I know. But security types in the AF and Navy often seem to end up with this sort of thing. Anyone know?

  15. I was just over to the ‘Team Soldier’ site; The TS site appears to be an ‘official’ site for the group who developed the new ACU pattern (though that could be a mistaken assumption). Anyway, the TS site states the new ACU uniform will cost about $34.00 more than the current BDU/DCU uniforms. Supposedly the increased cost will be offset by reduced cleaning expenses, velcro patches and such so you won’t have to pay to have them sewn on (not sure how that will look). I think this camo pattern/color combo is supposed to save money by being a one camo/color saves money by replacing multiple terrain specific camos/colors. Well…….maybe. Anyway, if the military wanted to save the taxpayers money….why don’t they all use the same camo pattern; you know larger purchases=lower per unit product cost. Oh that’s right……they just through that idea out the window. I don’t have ANY problem with spending more money, on pretty much any gear, to better equip our troops (God bless ’em!). This whole service branch specific camo pattern thing looks like a case of me too, me too though! Started by the USMC’s MARPAT, then aped by the AF with their new tiger stripes, and now the Army with ACU. Admittedly it’s tougher for military camo to be effective as it’s intended for use in so many widely different terrains/backgrounds. Hunting camo can be tailored for specific environments/backgrounds for use by people who won’t get summarily posted to ‘where ever’ next week, and is usually more effective than military camo in the same environment.

  16. AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! So much for UNIFORMITY!!! LOL! Just over at and what did I see the new Navy specific camoflage work uniform (gray & black digital camo). Well, I guess each of the services can swap camo patterns when they change evironments so they’ll always be perfectly invisible! It did look good and I guess the Navy shouldn’t be left out of the me too, me too! God bless our troops (keep your heads down!).

  17. Hell, the ACU is probably the stupidest thing I’ve seen. Seeing prototypes out in the woods I spotted the troop in ACUs faster than the sucker in the standard woodland. Reason being is the gray in his damn uniform made him stick out quicker than someone wearing those old OD uniforms in the main streets of Fallujah midday. If anything, we should just stick to two uniforms, woodland, and DCU. I think the best things the marines have ever done was to adopt their MARPAT uniforms and their newer interceptor body armor of its darker brown color. Though I have not been deployed to Iraq, to me, personally, it’d be too much of a pain in the ass to add desert covers to their woodland colored armor. They do have desert covers, but seeing as how that’s adding yet another layer of cover to your uniform, it holds in more moisture and you’ll simply be cooking your sorry ass more than simply keeping it off and not worrying about the fact your chest is a different color. As well as these new boots. I feel no reason for a replacement boot. Right now, like every day, I wear Corcoran Jump Boots, the older type worn ever since World War II and love them. These things have kept me from breaking my ankle plenty of times, and when it’s warm, the typical Altama Hot Weather Boot are just fine. This is just a lazy soldier’s way out of the extra 10 minutes to give their black boots a nice shine. I’m the old tradition of ‘The best way to tell the type of person you are, is by the gloss of your shoe.’ I seriously hope these new hot and temperate boots are optional, not manditory. The new collars aren’t a bad touch, it’s pretty nice. Velcro has to go though, I don’t care about the condition of my name and service tapes, as well as my unit patches. If you can read them, and they aren’t faded to white then there’s nothing wrong with them. If the paches fade but your uniform is still fine, name tapes and service tapes only cost 80 cents per tape…pay may suck, but I can find 80 cents on the floor going through the PX at Ft Dix! If anyone wants to respond to this, send an email, I don’t know how often I’ll be here to check replies.

  18. where can i pick up set of these, i would really love to have a set, if anyone has any and all info please let me know. thank you Brian

  19. The new uniforms wouldn’t be too bad if the velcro patches were lightened as well to match the uniform and body armor was suited to match it. Now the ememies will just have to shoot at the floating name badge and aim for the bulls eye (chest fastened rank). Not to mention how obvious a large forest camo vest will be spotted bobbing around on a light background. Its sad to think how many soldiers will be easily spotted and killed before the government thinks ‘hey, maybe we f|_|cked up… oops’ Making this one uniform the only color scheme is a terrible idea. I’m waiting for them to say this will now be the only uniformed issued for winter and snow theatres of battle as well. The best use for the new ACU are in a dessert situation, which easily informs us that out occupation in the Middle East has only just begun…. but who am I to complain I’ll be made to wear one as well.

  20. you make alot of sense, but that does not answer my question, WHERE CAN I GET A SET OF THESE, ive been told that desert 3 color acu cut pattern uniforms are available, my only problem is that i cannot find one, if any one has one for sale, or knows of one, i’ll pay $100.00 for a large( large reg. or large short ) size set. thank you Brian

  21. I believe they mean for the best but jeez what color is shadoiw GRAY tiny bit of green and well the Velcro come on! guy people need dome kinda black on hem for shadow!!!!!! I guess the Armor can give them a little bit though

  22. I’ve read many descriptions on combat utilities. I’ve even read the theories behind the reasons behind the patterns and how they work to trick the human eyes. I’ve never been in combat, but I have paintballed with BDU’s before. The digital camoflauge pattern was never intended for someone sitting next to a tree to not be spotted at all. Human eyes work a certain way when they are scanning across the room. Eyes move from object to object. The ‘dead space’ between two objects is where it is easiest to spot a ‘unnatural’ object. Paintballing is from pretty close range, so my experience with MARPAT is that it works wonderfully. Many people say that black is not a color found in nature. If a camoflauge pattern can fool the human eyes, then what difference does it make??? ACU’s might be a little too ‘standoutish’ when few or one soldier is wearing them. Note to a post from above: Any large amount of personnel in a generally blending color with nature can be hard to spot simply because they move together or whatnot. One BDU-equipped soldier will stand out just like a whole ‘forest’ of BDU-equipped soldiers. Marpat at least looks like it can blend effectively. different environments have different colors(as we all know). Wearing a digital camoflauge pattern is better than wearing a completely grey or blue jacket. Strategies of the USMC are different from the Army’s approach to combat. Utility combat uniforms should be designed to each services majority needs.

  23. Man, everyone in the Army camouflage research department is on crack. They’re giving soldiers a uniform that doesn’t work well in ANY environment, just so they can save on the cost of issuing 3 uniforms- and one of these three is almost guaranteed to work in whatever environment the soldier is in. Quoting from a news story on the new camo: ‘Black was eliminated completely because it catches the eye too easily.’ Catches the eye??? WTF? It breaks up the outline and creates a disruptive pattern. Do shadows not exist in nature? They should have chosen Multicam. Douchebags.

  24. Aren’t we glad that we have the ability to get this off our chest without doing it in a unit? I’ve been through 4 or 5 changes since 1970 and have found that it doesn’t make a tinker’s damn what YOU think. The things have been purchased and you’ll wear what they give you (especially the ‘future enlistee’). Smoke ’em if you got ’em…

  25. . i think they are cute. the boots are fashionable and look good in the PX at fort gordon. i think the greens should be a little darker to match my eyes….

  26. The ACU’s are a complete waste of money. Blending in with your surroundings is an outdated requirement. I have just returned from a year in Iraq and I fail to see where this or any other pattern would conceal my person while in a Hummv, a Stryker vehicle or an Abrahms. This is where I typically conducted my business from too. Use the money on vehicle armor, pay raises, extending health care benefits for vets and their families. Get the hint. There are far more worthy causes to throw this money at than these monkey suits

  27. The ACU’s are a total waste of tax dollars. If anyone other than a sniper thinks that blending in with your surroundings is important you ain’t been in combat lately

  28. Just a little off topic, if you concentrate on the pic, you may see the animal head superimposed to the brown grass at the black track to the right at the soldiers 7 oclock.

  29. The uniforms design is okay from what I saw but the camo as such seems to be ideal for urban maybe desert warfare. I just don’t see it working in the forest or jungle(maybe at night it will). One thing can be for certain the Marines will be looking forward to joint operations with the Army, since the enemy will shoot anything grey the casualties on the Marines side would be marginal at best. I guess they tested the pattern before they decided to issue it, which makes me wonder if the guys testing it were all blind or maybe they decided on the unifrom by how cool it looks.

  30. This is what the should have went with. It’s called Crye Multi-cam (one pattern for multiple environments). And o yea, it actually works unlike the ACU. And the crye sets have the same pocket design as the ACU. check out the Multi-cam here:

  31. I have one question, if the Army is doing all these changes to our uniform (I can say that because I’m an active member right now), what about our equipment. Is the gov’t going to have us ride around in vehicle with the old patterns or are someone in Washington going to get a bright idea and say hey, what about the equipment too. Probably not.

  32. Doesn’t anyone else notice how Nazi-looking these new uniforms are? If any of those dogfaces who did their time in the Ardennes could see our uniforms now, they’d think the Germans won.

  33. Black works in camoflague as long as you don’t move. See shadows occur in nature and they are black. However people don’t move like shadows. Hence, the human eye picks up when someone moves while wearing the color black. The colors of the ACU were chosen because of the environments our Army will be fighting in. Do you think it’s conceivable that you could be fighting in the desert and later that same day or week you could be transported into a city and have to fight there? These colors will work in both environments. It also works in a woodland environment. Everyone here has an opinion. That’s great. Before you sound off you may want to do a little research before you show your backside. Do you think someone just decided to make changes arbitrarily? Do you know that these changes were driven by soldiers who are serving or have recently served in combat? Do you know that some very smart guys have gone over and over and over every change to the uniform? And finally, do you think that the senior Army leadership would buy into this if it wasn’t good for the soldiers? Just because it’s different and it wasn’t your idea doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

  34. the new acu pattern is pretty much useless in woodland environments. here’s a shot of the old, greyer pattern against a woodland backdrop and a shot of the barely improved acu (with more green) and no background it looks pretty obvious in a woodland situation. ive read accounts from people who say that soldiers wearing the test uniforms stand out from foliage like nothing else. compare that to multicam in a variety of environments and despair over the greatest intelligence failure since 9/11.

  35. Give me a break! I am willing to bet all you little Multicambaters have never seen multicam or acu apart from pictures! Well I have seen both in wooded areas. To be honest,the acu actually turns to a kind of green and cryes multicam pattern(although awsome)turns even more tan then what pictures show!Also multicam uniforms would of been $200.00 USD for a set! ACU is the perfect blend for a all terrain camo and you little poses can’t seem to get ahead of your biases! Not to mention almost every real soldier who has seen them actually likes them! And most here who don’t like em haven’t seen them in person. Trust the brass this time it works! WEMIA!

  36. ONe thing to remember with the New ACU is the uniform camoflages you not only in the visible spectrum, but the dyes they are using with the digital pattern are also more effective at night due to how they break up the infra-red signature of the wearer as well. This is key to not standing out against the background when someone is trying to find you with thermal night-vision equipment. Do that with the old style BDU’s–even with the same pattern as the old ones the digital camo breaks up the IR signature much more effectively compared to the brush around you.

  37. black works in camo as long as you don’t move. that is the single stupidest thing i have ever read. NO camo works when you are moving. why do you think snipers spend so much time learing to crawl so f-cking slowly? By your logig they should be able to sprint when they have to displace. ACU, and MARPAT and the AF digital tiger is a complete waste of money that should be spent as stated above – on armor or medical care. to tell someone that they need to do research before they post is interesting, as the person who made that statement apparently rides the short bus to school. all of this camo politics is just that – politics. army brass hats don’t want thier troops to look like marines or airforce or swedish troops. but they don’t coach a soccer team. the litmus test is the specwar community which has not raced to take up all digital equipment. even the boys with joint task force two, who are issued cadpat tend to walk around base in 24 year old woodland pattern. I think you will see alot of that in specwar. ACU has good points… like that collar – but mandatory velcro and a pattern that won’t work anywhere is dangerously stupid and it will kill troops. and if you don’t believe that maybe you should do some research.

  38. We NEEDED a new field uniform. On my last deployment to Afghanistan soldiers were taking their Desert (DCU) uniforms and having the lower pockets on them removed and reattached to the upper arms of the jacket. Nobody ever used the lower pockets anyway….and you can’t get into them if you wanted while wearing body armor. The digital pattern really works. I know it looks faded and grey, but you have to see it to believe how well it does work. The velcro is a great idea. You do not need patches (except rank and the US flag) in the field. I like the idea of pin on combat and special skill badges. I have not figured out a use for the pockets on the lower leg though. Somebody will though, and if you don’t need them….don’t use them. Changing from buttons to a zipper on the jacket was also a great idea. Unless you have worn body armor for DAYS on end you have no idea how those old buttons can poke you in the chest. The zipper is a pretty heavy duty number with large teets. It should outlast the jacket, but only time will tell. The boots DO hold up well when wet and muddy. I thought they would not, but mine have been wet and muddy quite a bit. Just brush them off with a suede brush and they look great. I have to disagree with the guy who said special ops are not rushing to this pattern. He has not recently seen anyone from the Ranger Regiment or some of our other special operators around lately.

  39. I am impressed by the practical changes implemented on the ACU, with the exception of the color. The pattern also should not be much of a concern since it has some good points as far as breaking silhoutte of the wearer. Some countries in fact have adopted small-pattern uniform such as the Swiss and Germans. But again, the color in my opinion could really be an issue. I have been in the southeast asian theater for so long that our current woodland pattern and color works fine except when the light brown starts to fade then it really sticks out in the tropical jungle environment; the Australian color combination is actually better suited than ours. I could compare our color combination to the Philippine Army’s (except for the gray – where did that idea come from?) where they adopted the british pattern except for its color combination; their uniform contains a significant amount of light color (light brown) that it creates a reasonable contrast with the environment making a person quite visible. I personally think that the marine color combination is better. It is also quite impossible to create a ‘universal’ uniform. Perhaps we should stick to the wood and desert uniforms concept, regardless of pattern. For urban environment, the military can easily purchase uniforms from paintball clubs (just kidding). As far as movements, the human eye can process an image moving at __ frames per second (I forgot) which simply states that if you move abruptly there is a much greater chance of being spotted, slow/gradual movements offer lesser chance of getting spotted especially at long distances and low light conditions.

  40. Although the ACU looks good, I have to question the wisdom of going to a separate battle uniform for both the Marines and the Army. What about jointness? Now, pre-positioned war stocks will have to have two different sets of uniforms, unlike the past when BDUs were used by both Marines and Army, with the only difference being the US ARMY or US MARINE tape over the pocket. It seems we’re getting away from the concept of a joint military. What about the Air Force and Navy. Dress uniforms should be different, but when on the field, we should all be in the same uniform. ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT!

  41. Personally, I like the new design of the ACU but not to crazy about the color schemes. For those of you who are too worried about the noise disciplline, you have a problem if an enemy can hear you opening that pocket. It means you got to F…ing close for your comfort. Think about it! Our recent battles are done in an urban area, not jungles anymore. But on a recon or patrols why open your pockets. You make about as much noise looking for a spot to sleep as you would opening a velcro pocket. I’ve had velcro long before the concept of ACU. I only did it so that my buttons won’t burn through the damn pockets. The only thing you have to worry about the velcro are the ones on on the front since it can come off easy when washing. Most of it are the pile portion that’s sewn on. The hook is the one that get all that crap stuck in it. Proper washing setting, no problems. Common sense guys. Boots are great conversions. Never thought they would be lighter than the issue ones. Who said they love jump boots? Only a leg would want to wear one of those. My jump boots has more jump than yours PVT. Only had to wear those for class A inspections. Get with the program. New message came out that only certain detergents can be used since most have an optical brighteners. Don’t want shine like a shooting star I guess. Why didn’t they tell us these when we had the BDUs? Should’ve kept it darker for a longer period than after several wash and starches. Who was the idiot that said it needed to be starched anyway? So much for the care instructions.

  42. The only one here with any sense is Sarmajor. I agree,we’ll wear what we damn well given. Hoah! Btw,Camo alone isn’t gonna save your ass in the sand box. Your skills as a soldier account for most of it.

  43. The New ACU is a better uniform, however I do not think it’s a better unifrom as far as the coloring. The uniform almost looks blue. I own a pair and being in the frield I cannot see how this is used to blend in. The only thing I can think of that this uniform blends in is rocky environments. It is like selcting this uniform is a step in the right direction, but I think we will move in a direction parallel to what are goals need to be. The production of the ACU pattern and color is being used more and more. Its like we are moving in a direction of producing it so quickly we could be accepting a uniform that doesn’t seems to be very usefull. I think its a great uniform, but it’s flawed in the color.

  44. I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Yes, i agree that the colour pattern of the acu is abit wired and doesn’t seem like it would fit in with ‘all terrains’ but in my opinion, i think its more for the ‘center of mass’ of the soldier to be camoflagued. If you look at troops that are facing you (say you were engaging them and vice visa) in both prone and couched positions, the majourity of what you see is the abdomen (center of mass) area and the helmet/head silloute. you could have they best ghillie suit on but if you have you chest/abdomen area with the toatlly different color (as most US troops do with 3 color desert bdu’s and woodloand interceptors/plate carrier etc, or the maries with there coyote brown interceptors/plate carriers etc) this is how you can ‘spot the difference’ so to speak. Therefore if they do not produce acu color vest and pouches for issue, that will still be the problem. The idea of camo is to create 1 single pattern that BLENDS with the environment. There will not be a BLENDing effect when the center of mass area is of a different scheme camo or as i’ve seen so many pics of deployed troops who buy up market/non issue pouches in either olive drab or coyote tan pouches (yes i know there isn’t much option out there and buying a single color tan or od pouch is much more logicial as both can be used in either environment) this center of mass area looses its camoflage/blending ability so therefore is highly visible. We aussies have the same problem as well but a common practice among our boys is to ‘spray’ a similar color scheme on to the colour of the bdu you are wearing. this means you are sorta retain you blending abilities but again you are respraying for the other environment if you only have the one piece of gear and also no matter how experienced you are at spraying, it not going to match the exact pattern of the bdu. so i think addressing the colour difference in the center mass area is a much more practical and present matter to deal with rather than changing or adding colours to the pattern. All that aside, i do think its not the best ‘all terrain’ colour scheme in the world. On a different note, has anyone used much of the multi cam pouches/bdus/pack out in the field? is it really that effective?how good is it? because if its as good as they claim, i might have to look at getting some pouches as i also suffer the same fate of having a mono coloured vest/chest rig and pouches. And if anyone is familiar with the auscam pattern, how well would it blend in with that? thanks

  45. THIS IS INSANE I feel like I am living in the twilight zone. How could the army be this completely retarded. It is beyon comprehension. ONE PATTERN FOR ALL ENVIRONMENTS. I was at FT lewis this summer training with 2nd ID and they played OPFOR for us. You could spot those damn ACUs from a mile away they stick out like a sore thumb. In fact one guy radioed a salute report and he described the enemy as wearing a white t-shirt turned out it was his ACU. I am pretty sure that most of the world is covered in some sort of vegetation so why the hell could anyone in their right mind ever assume this could work. MULTICAM had a superior pattern in every way it is perfect and it is all purpose but it really works desert or woodland. This damn pattern will get guys killed.

  46. I don’t understand why the Army is spending money on a new uniform that wasn’t broke to begin with. DCU’s in the desert…who would’ve thought it?

  47. I am a paratrooper in the 82nd airborne and I have been wearing ACUs since September 2005 when I deployed to Iraq. In Iraq they were great. They work excellent in an urban/desert environemnt. They are medicore in a woodland environment, but thats not the point. The point is to be functional in three environments as opposed to excelling in one. All the functionality is excellent. The pockets are accessible while wearing interceptors, the zipper can be worn up or down to add cooling, the patches can easily be removed and replaced with IR ident tags. You spend less time fooling with buttons. They were simply great. Back in garrison they’re even better. No ironing, no pressing, no sewing. I have four sets of patches that I rotate between my uniforms, my armor, and my camelbak, my rig. During a recent promotion it only cost me 2.95 to buy patches for all my uniforms. Also and probably most importantly to the average soldier, no more shining damn boots. We can actually spend time at work soldiering and time at home with our family that would have been spent maintaining a yuppy appearance.