Army Combat Uniform (ACU)

New US Military Uniform

Pretty much everyone has commented on this and I don’t really have much to add, but I thought I’d toss this link up since it has a decent visual and a pretty good summary of the new uniform that will be replacing the BDU.

J-Walk posted this photo on Monday.


He wrote:

It shows three soldiers: two in the new uniform, and one in the old uniform.

I think he’s just kidding, though. I don’t see anyone at all.

My initial impression is that the new uniforms are pretty cool, if only because most of the modifications have been made specifically to address issues raised by troops. The gray camo looks a little weird, but don’t worry. Everyone will be wearing green and brown body armor over it. Assuming they can get body armor.

I still haven’t heard a good explanation for why they continue to produce body armor in forest rather than desert colors, by the way.


  1. I recently joined the ARNG and i really like the ACU’s. The BDU’s were quite old fashioned looking, and the ACU is a ‘New Technological’ print

  2. ive seen what acu’s and multicam in the woodland setting and personally i think the multicam is better in that aspect. from what ive heard aobut the desert multicam would fare better there also. yes acus are a better uniform in comfortibility and funtionality but the pattern doesnt seem so effective to me. but until i get 4 stars on my shoulders my opinion wont change anything anyway lol.

  3. DJ YOTT… I regret to inform you that all this new uniform argument is not about how ‘good looking’ or ‘old fashioned’ they are; but how practical and effective they can be in the XXI century’s battlefield. Believe me! the last thing U gonna be concern about when bullets are flying over your head is how ‘beatiful’ and ‘smart tech’ your clothing looks. Our concern is how well this uniform provides cammo… how ‘mission compromising’ can be, and his practical applications. Save your ‘New-Modern-Rambo’ toughts for the Hollywood civilian mentality. Hooah?

  4. Guys, if you think this new ACU is bad, you should see what the Air FARCE is forcing its people to wear. The BRIGHT BLUE was soundly rejected by AF personnel, however, the AF is still forcing a LIGHT BLUE into the so-called ‘Airman Battle Uniform’. Yeah, since when does the AF do real battle? Even so, the AF is learning it must learn how to battle on the ground, because the Army and the Marines can’t be there to cover their asses.

  5. Ok I agree with almost everyone in with their own opinions. I am not Army I am Marine but I have a brother who is Army and we decided to do a little test. ACUs are exceptable in Snowy desert and Urban environments and They actually really excell in the mountains of Afhganistan, but to work well in every enviroment is a lie. My brother put on his ACUs and I put on my MARPAT WOOD and we stood out in the middle of the woods about 300 yards and had someone see who could be seen first. The ACU was seen very clearly and I was barley visible. The point is the ACU isn’t even close to be ‘ok’ in wooded green settings. It only works in a couple enviroments. If war broke out with Korea the Army would be in trouble. The design of the pockets is a good Idea. The idea for a one uniform is great the ACU just won’t work for what they claim it will do. I guess what I’m saying is the Army should just darken them up or add new colors along with the ones they have now and then it would be fine but seeing them first hand they just look cool and I think the Army designed them for propaganda reasons only to get more recruits, but thats just me.

  6. This camo solution can easily be solved by the mass production of crye’s new MultiCam patter which has aspects of all of the various surroundings and blends very well with almost all of the surroundings MultiCam is in production but does not have any contract form with the U.S. army to see more visit

  7. I tell you I am about sick and tired of all this crap about. Why did the Army do this or that with there new uniform. Personally I saw nothing wrong with the old BDUs and DCUs. But all this I think this camo is better than this camo. WHO CARES! If any of you have ever been in combat or humped up and down the mountains of Afghanistan or patrolled the streets of Iraq (which I have done) you will know that after a little while with all the sweat, mud, dust, and whatever the surrounding environment can throw at you. Your uniform begins to look like it anyways. Plus you need to get all this Hollywood Ghost Recon crap of your uniform looking all nice ALL THE TIME out of your heads. Like the guy talking about his brother in acu’s and him in marpat standing with a woodline to there backs. Who the hell would do that anyways. If your in the field get behind something. HELLO! Does cover and concealment ring a bell. If your worried about not being seen your not going to stand out in the open with trees behing you YOUR going to get behind something. Cover: provides protection from enemy fire. Concealment: allows you to hide from the enemy but does not provide protection from enemy fire. I would much rather have protection from enemy fire plus if your behind cover. PEOPLE CANT SEE YOU! In Iraq if your out during daylight hours. You usually want to be seen anyways, thats why we call them presence patrols. If your doing something where you dont want to be seen like a recon, or moving towards an OBJ for a raid its most likely going to be at night anyways. I do understand sometimes we have to do missions like this during the day, but hell thats the nature of the beast. Once the rounds start flying your not thinking about, hey does my uniform look cool or is it camouflaging me well enough. NO! Your thinking I need to get this done and get out alive. Oh and I need to get behind cover. Let the people who do the snooping and pooping worry about the uniform. For those who talk about well I wear this or that for airsoft or paintball. Quit posing, man up, (since you want to PLAY soldier anyways) and put the uniform on for REAL. Roger. OUT.

  8. I remember when we got these uniforms in mid 2005. We were so damn excited, no more ironing, starching, or any of that stuff that Top seemed so damned hardass about. During our last Graff rotation before our deployment, we started to find out just how ‘great’ the ACU was. Crotches started ripping, zippers started loosing their zip. Once we got to Ramadi, thing got even worse. With no laundry solutions present, we had to wear them weeks at a time without washing the uniform. I guess the Army had these made out of fabric that likes to fall the f-ck apart with just a little bit of sweat on them. I used to brag all the time that I never had a crotch blow out on me until we spent a summer at the ‘nest’. I had all but one pair of pants blow out on me, and I had an LT that was asshole enough to care that I was swinging free in a combat zone and showing a bit of skin when I sat down. Now that we’ve gotten back, I’ve had all but one shirt lose some part of the zipper, basically keeping me from having multiple serviceable uniforms. Of course, I only get ‘as needed’ re-issues of uniforms in a combat zone, any other replacement is to come out of my paltry E4 pay. I’d give my left nut for the army to go back to a uniform that didn’t rely on zippers and velcro to be serviceable. Hell, I liked polishing my damn boots. To me, that’s what made a sharp garrison appearance. I used to have my boots so nice I could almost use them to look up a broad’s skirt. I know that this ‘is the uniform the army gives me’, but I think that some general (much in the switch to the beret for garrison) was a bit over excited to leave his mark, and less concerned about the impact that switching to a poorly made uniform would have on his soldiers. this is my couple-a pennies, pfennigs, eurocents, or what ever you’re blowing on beer on your part of the world.

  9. want to know why they are grey? for all you numbskulls World War 2- The germans wore grey uniforms, and when they hid in forests, or fields, it was hard for the allies to spot them out because of the grey, it is a neutral color, and if you aren’t looking hard enough, that guy in grey would have killed you by now anyways. Neutral colors don’t stand out, and i’de say they are better then what we used to wear, history repeats its self.

  10. Hey guys, the ACU’s were choosen because the pattern excelled during night ops. (We own the night ring a bell with you paintball jockeys?) They eliminated black because under NV you get a VERY VERY high contrast image return. They worked great while I was on patrol in A-Stan and the sand box. Is it the ‘perfect camo’ like in Ghost Recon? (multi-cam is some what over rated at this stage in development) Of course not! Will it perform in AOs with urban, arid and temperate regions shifts? Yes. PS some soldiers should read the care label, it states: DO NOT COMMERCIALLY PRESS; DO NOT STARCH; DO NOT USE DETERGENT THAT CONTAIN OPTICAL BRIGHTNERS. doing any of this will mess up the color and IRR Most of the grey-white/grey blue (heck I’ve even seen pinkies) unies you see are because of dummies that dont read.