Kerry was in Vietnam

This is a two-week-old post on Lead and Gold, but I missed it then and saw it now. And I’ve just got to point it out.

Craig notes that the Instapundit thinks Kerry overplayed his “I was in Vietnam” card because it’s rankling a lot of veterans. He also notes that Kerry is benefitting with the moderates who would otherwise only see GW as a viable wartime leader. And it’s working.

Did Kerry vote against key weapon programs? How dare you question the patriotism of a man with three Purple Hearts. Is he too willing to defer to France and the United Nations? How dare you doubt the loyalty of a man with a Silver Star.

On a different site, a commenter on a post about body armor claimed that the Republicans were “lying. Period.” when they said Kerry voted against money for body armor.

Think the former Swift Boat Commander who pulled a comrade out of the water under fire and while wounded would deny protection to the troops?

I replied that I wouldn’t think so, but that his voting record spoke for itself. It went downhill from there.