Are You Drowning in Debt? – February 24 2020

Set up a new monthly payment you can live with and be completely debt-free in 12-30 months regardless of your debt amount. Eliminating your debt helps to improve your credit rating, and fico score allowing you to enjoy lower interest rates.

Regain the ability to invest in your family's financial security and future with the extra money you will have after settling your debt.

A consolidated debt plan can help. If you qualify for such a plan, you may restructure your debt with existing creditors without transforming unsecured debt into secured debt. In fact, secured debt such as a typical mortgage or automobile loan is generally NOT included in a debt plan. Unsecured debts, usually credit cards, student loans, bank lines of credit, medical bills, department store credit cards and collection agency accounts, are more typically the kinds of obligations considered for a consolidated debt plan.

Under a consolidation plan, loans are NOT made and all existing creditors remain the same. However, interest payments due creditors are re-negotiated, lowered or completely eliminated to allow more principal to be paid each month. In fact, debtors may cut their monthly interest costs by as much as half what it had been before the implementation of the consolidation plan. This is the primary reason why someone pursuing quick debt reduction is able to get out of debt in only 3-5 years on average – much preferable to the 10 or 15 years a consolidation loan would have taken.

A debt consolidation plan will allow you to manage your finances without any additional Payday loans in the United States and without declaring bankruptcy! If you are having trouble meeting the minimum monthly payments on your debts or you feel you are slipping further behind each month, let us go to work for you!

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