Although not really clear, I’m praying that this is satire

You can blame NASA for the peculiar weather

I mean, it HAS to be satire. Doesn’t it? There’s no way ANYONE wrote that and meant it.

Especially the “beekeepers” part.

Still, the guy’s in Michigan so it might help explain the plight of swimwear salespeople in this state.

But still.

I mean, come on.

(hat tip to Rand Simberg)


  1. A retired couple I knew in MD firmly believed NASA launches were screwing up the atmosphere and the weather, siting more stable conditions before space flights began.

  2. There are also some superstitious people who think what we do down here makes holes in the ozone layer, which causes global warming which will eventually turn much of the earth into deserts and melt the polar ice caps, flooding shorelines. Weather experts say the weather cycles over centuries, and we’ve not been keeping data long enough to determine if global warming is a real threat or just a myth. Here in the Atlanta area, we’re convinced we’re spared many bad storms and tornadoes which target Alabama trailer parks because of the ‘big hair’ many of the ladies over there wear. We call it the Big Hair Effect or BHE for short. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. ;-)