I’ve been TELLING you and TELLING you

NASA mulls early retirement for space shuttle

I haven’t even read the whole thing. I’m supposed to be WORKING.

Earlier this month I lowered my prediction to:

Murdoc’s odds that the shuttle EVER flies again (manned, at least) have dropped to 3-2 against.

Previously they had been 50-50. Since COLUMBIA’s final flight I’ve been saying it probably won’t ever fly again.

Murdoc’s new Space Shuttle Ever Flies Again odds: ZERO.

I may review these odds after a bit more reading and reflection.

And ObL is going to air on Al Jazeera? I really really thought that bastard was dead.

Okay. Back to work.


  1. Adter thr last accident, I said it probably was never going to fly again. That word probably gives me a bit of wiggle room, but we’ve seen the last flight.

  2. I really hope they can come up with something better than a 30 year old design to replace this thing. That’d be like going to war with m-60 tanks instead of the m-1. I think they need a realistic, no-nonsense, common sense kind of guy in charge at NASA. Can I recommend Ollie North?

  3. I personally think this is a good thing. Studying Aero Eng. I am currently doing space flight dynamics course aswell, and been reading info on this stuff. But the chances are that NASA will just do the easy thing, and hi-jack one of the space race (commercial space race that is) companies ideas, if not the whole companies help to build it. Pretty much in the same manner as they get contract out aircraft such as the x-15 to be built. Anyway, i think we have lost the big funding of the cold war years for stupidly extravagant projects forever (at least white projects). Too much focus of society is lost in meaningless idolisation of people, when technology, innovation and the search for information and understanding should be the idol of the true modern society. Enough of that rant.. more on the real topic- keep debating, and Murdoc.. this is a truly awsome site.