UPDATE: Spirit of America Blogger Challenge


The Spirit of America Blogger Challenge officially begins today. If you’ve got an extra buck or two, please consider donating it to Spirit of America. All funds raised through MO go straight into the Iraq Project Fund, to be used in Iraq as SoA sees fit. They’ve done a lot of good so far, and I predict they’ll do even more over the coming couple of years.

A few dollars go a long ways, folks. As the holidays approach, think about kicking in couple greenbacks to our efforts. (And donations are tax-deductible, so you can stick it to the Man while you’re at it.) Paypal, credit cards, and personal checks accepted.

I received a notice from SoA last night, reminding me that things were officially kicking off. It included this:

You can heckle and challenge your fellow bloggers. You can plead with your readers to help so that you don’t fall behind other bloggers of lesser intelligence and dubious virtue.

How they knew I was going to be going up against Chuck Simmins of You Big Mouth, You, I don’t know. But they hit the nail on the head.

Right now MO is tied for last at $0.00. I will be donating some scratch, myself. Please think about doing the same.

I will be putting the SoA Blogger Challenge banner at the top of my page and it will remain there until the contest ends on 12/15 or until MO raises $1 Million. Whichever comes first.


  1. How did they know that I’m of dubious virtue? Hey, she told me she was 18. And I was only holding it for a friend. The pictures were research for a book.