Happy Solstice

I haven’t had a lot of time to post, and a lot of good stuff has been piling up. So here’s a shortest-day-of-the-year catch-up effort:

Clever ad placement on the part of MS:

(Click for better look)

FN SCAR-L/SOFCAR-L Assault Rifle Update Pic: Large Image
MO readers have wondered what this beast looks like. Defense Review (via ACE) bring it on.

Anthrax Vaccine
Troubling if true, though I don’t claim to really understand it all that well. Not sure what to think.

The how and why of action during war
Patton notes a good post at Anticipatory Retaliation on what’s going on when men and armies clash. I think a great deal of the bad coverage of the war we see is the direct result of most journalists and editors not “getting” the military. (I’m not saying this post is the last word. I’m saying it discusses the issues in a rational manner.)

The Heart of America
A while back my family sent some notebooks, pencils, toothbrushes, toys, and stuffed animals to Toys for Iraq. Although I know that the bear we sent probably wasn’t the bear in this story, it MIGHT HAVE been. I’ve been meaning to send more. It will now happen sooner rather than later. You must go read this if you haven’t already.

Street Fighting in Baghdad Suburbs
The title says it all.

We Are The ’80’s!: Live Aid then, and now
I just recently made the point (for about the hundredth time) that Live Aid was nice and all, but the problem wasn’t a famine. It was a tyranny. Why not a concert to raise money to fight tyranny? (via Instapundit)

There are a few more, but I seem to have misplaced the links. Since I can’t find them I’ll just post this now and add the others later if I can.