Being on vacation, I haven’t had a lot of time to really follow the tragic events in Indonesia. The only real knowledge I have, sadly, is the steadily increasing death toll.

Here are a couple links that I find interesting:

Tsunami: $35 Million Dollar Myth
In short, the initial $35M figure quoted widely as the US’ contribution wasn’t the US’ contribution but only the amount of money immediately available to spend on the spot. Chuck Simmins calls it the USAID Petty Cash box. That’s not the way it’s being portrayed, of course.

It Could Have Been Worse
AE Brain noted last Wednesday that not only could things have been worse, but that maybe they should have been worse. He’s also got a poll for Leftist explanations for the earthquake. “Plate Tectonics” is currently winning. Barely.

Swine Before Pearls
Belmont Club on the UN relief effort:

They include “monitoring fisheries in India”, undertaking disease planning exercises, providing safe delivery kits for expectant mothers and harnessing the International Labor Organization to undertake long-term rehabilitation and employment recovery. As a statement of good intentions it would be adequate but as a program for coping with one of the worst natural disasters in modern times it leaves much to be desired. The hollowness of the program is betrayed by the pathetically small amounts of specific physical relief it can point to.

The Tsunami, Satellite Images, BEFORE AND AFTER
This Free Republic thread includes a number of comparison images. Simply staggering. Here is one set:
As you can see, between foliage washed away and mud deposited, an awesome change occurred within a few seconds.

A commenter on that thread uploaded a horrific image. I don’t have details on its location. I will post it in the extended entry section. It is beyond graphic.

I kid you not. It is unbelievable.

(Click for a hi-res version)

Utterly unbelievable.


  1. This is the saddest thing I have ever seen. I had to repent before our Father, I did not cry a tear for all those suffering and those that lost their lives, until I saw the picture on this website. Have we become so use to seeing tragedy and hearing about terror that we are numb to the reality of this? How sad it is that our country is so spoiled and blessed, yet we remain in the dark about what is really going on behind the scenes here and in the world. Oh how I pray that people will begin to question things and that our Father will bring wisdom to the captive…