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Tsunami relief and Muslim smiles: U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots enjoy this life-saving mission
I’ve been wondering about the coverage this would receive. I couldn’t decide whether it was going to be positive or negative. I should have known it would be non-existent. Could it possibly be that our military simply does the right thing?

Why doesn’t Osama bin Laden donate to tsunami relief?
We’ve got people taking the aid given by US citizens divided by the population of the US and acting unimpressed. Really. I’m curious about the reaction to aid given by nations opposed to the US-led coalition waging war on terrorism and extreme Muslim fascism. Could it possibly be that they are simply bad and uninterested in doing the right thing?

Odd signs of life: They’re shooting arrows at Indian helicopters
Odd, indeed. Arrows shot at Indians.

Canada, unwilling to help Saddam’s victims, now is unable to help tsunami victims
This is about the inability of Canada to deploy its Disaster Assistance Response Team that I mentioned earlier. We send an aircraft carrier. They can’t send the necessary aircraft.

One way to envision the number of tsunami victims
I meant to link to this a couple days ago. Maybe helps get your mind around such a large number.