UPDATE: America and its stupid aircraft carriers

(Click for bigger image. It’s even more priceless.)

I’m an American citizen — And I approve of this message.

Download and share. Numbers from Global Security. Original post on this subject here.

UPDATE: A reader reminds me that I left out “hospitals”. Pure oversight on my part.

I’d also like to point out that it isn’t just the Lincoln, but the other ships in the Lincoln Strike Group that are contributing. And it isn’t just the Navy, but the other Armed Forces (particularly USAF transport aircraft, I think) that are helping make the world a better place.


  1. About frickin’ right. I say we torch the U.N., and tell everybody that’s been badmouthing the U.S. that they can take a flying leap. Aw SH!T, I forgot, we wear those white hats for a reason. Nobody else can/will step up to the plate and take care of those that can’t/won’t take care of themselves.

  2. Hey good point there-its a shame Canada’s elite DART team has to borrow sum friggin russky equipment to get over there. Thanks for the helpin out. Anyhow-i wanted to point out that under ur congratz to the other finalists of the weblog awards, u have democratic veteran (a link to it). Y is this? In case you haven’t visited it, I think you should, its absolute bullsh!t. I think (as this is a rightwing website) you might NOT want to advertise for sum leftist piece of trash (not that i’m that upset or anythin-just a friendly suggestion)

  3. The US Navy, who brought you John Kerry, Capt. John Paul Jones, and the Abraham Lincoln sez: We have not yet begun to fight! This one exercise, alone – will do more to stop terrorism than any of this jarhead Iraqi noise. I promise you, the Radical Muslims of Indonesia have taken full attention while we of the USN are holding their child in our hospital, and their mother is eating that fine Navy food. And thats the real reason why the navy is so good. It’s the food. Show me an Airborne Combat Engineer that can take command of a situation like this, and I’ll show you a silk covered jarhead hanging in a banana tree with 3 radical muslims claiming they just shot him on the drop.

  4. WildBlogR: I see you followed ACE’s link to MO. Not sure if I’ve seen you over here before. Welcome to MO. Although I’ll totally admit that I don’t have the slightest clue what that last paragraph is all about, I’ll agree with the idea that this aid to Muslims will help in the struggle against terrorism. Besides just being plain nice, helping the tsunami victims strikes a blow for the forces of good against 12-century thinking. Good to see, and win-win. Won’t really help today’s terrorist, who has long since decided to commit his life to the struggle against freedom and justice, but it will pay off in spades down the road. I hope.

  5. You have every right to be proud of the contribution made by the US Navy and other branches of the US armed forces. They are doing a brilliant job, and lets face it there is no-one else who could do it. For some reason that I don’t understand the world is full of people carping about the US, and there are those,like the BBC here in the UK, who have managed to completely ignore the US contribution. I think they have shown only four helicopters and no navy ships during the whole period of the emergency!! Well done USA – ignore the whingeing bastards!!

  6. Heard today that christian missionaries are in the area as well. This is our big chance, boys. One good aid mission over here, and we greenlight indonesia. There’s places in this part of the world that churn out passports, launder money and work so closely with Al Qaeda you wouldn’t be able to know the difference. I don’t see Al Qaeda doing anything out there. Don’t worry about ACE. He likes cold toilet seats.

  7. Hey ACE, by the way you’ve got to fix a bug on your site. http://airbornecombatengineer.typepad.com/airborne_combat_engineer/2005/01/former_golden_k.html This golden knight made the ultimate sacrifice. But ACE, you spelled Aguadia ‘Aguada’ Its like spelling Decatur .. ‘Datcur’ You have your orders.